Patriots Meet the Eagles in Super Bowl 52

The last time Patriots met the Eagles at Super Bowl was 13 years ago. Back then the team was perturbed by Terrell Owens’ health condition. Even though Owens incurred a sprained ankle and he fractured his fibula, he was adamant about playing. During that game, Owens achieved 9 catches for 122 yards. Although Eagles lost the match, Owens’ performance is commendable and his name will undoubtedly be mentioned at Super Bowl 52.

The last time The Patriots and Eagles met at Super Bowl, the match left many people puzzled. Donovan McNabb, Eagles quarterback, was vomiting by the sidelines and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did was not crowned the Super Bowl MVP, even though they won the match. The title went to Deion Branch. There are several ludicrous bets that are being placed on Super Bowl 52. Some have predicted and put money on the forecast, that Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction will be mentioned. Other gamblers have placed bets that Owens will be mentioned for his heroic performance 13 years ago.

Even McNabb’s vomiting incident mention this Super Bowl has received a few bets. The odds on the bet are +170, if you place a bet of $100 dollars, you stand a chance of winning a $170. The over/under number of footages from Super Bowl 39 is currently at 2.5, the under is at -250 favorite and over is at +150.

The Tom Brady Factor

Brady is 40 years old and shows no sign of slowing down. He is playing at the pinnacle and has returned for, yet, another shot at the title. Bets are being garnered around the mention of Brady’s age. At the moment, the odds are over/under at 1.5, with the over at -280 and under +185. Brady will surely be crowned in the future as a Hall of Famer. Besides standing a chance of collecting the Super Bowl ring, Brady has the chance of achieving something that has not been attainable in over 18 years. He stands a chance of being the season NFL MVP and Super Bowl MPV in the same season. Kurt Warner was the last player to reach such a milestone.

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