November 9, 2023 3 min read


Sumsub Revolutionizes Gaming with Holistic Verification Solution

Gambling companies will no longer have to develop in-house solutions

Sumsub, a full-cycle verification platform, has announced the launch of the first integrated solution for user verification, anti-fraud and compliance in gaming. The brand-new Full-Cycle Verification and Player Risk Profiling tool allows platforms and operators to seamlessly cover the whole player lifecycle and optimize revenue in a safe and compliant fashion.

Sumsub is notably the first provider to provide a holistic verification solution that covers all aspects of player onboarding, fraud prevention and compliance.

According to Sumsub, its new solution is based on four core pillars of verification. First of all, the new tool ensures fast and secure Player Onboarding that is compliant with over 220 jurisdictions across the world. The solution leverages KYC/AML, age verification and proof of address to onboard new customers in under 30 seconds. The company’s Non-Doc Verification functionality allows users in certain countries to only enter their ID number without needing to scan any documents.

The second pillar is Fraud Prevention, highlighting Sumsub’s commitment to preventing account-related fraud, bonus abuse and affiliate fraud. This helps operators mitigate fraud-related losses.

Sumsub also leverages a Player Risk Profiling and Analytics module to help operators identify at-risk players and intervene. Customizable options allow companies to fit the solution to their needs.

Finally, Sumsub’s solution leverages a first-to-the-market Responsible Gaming solution that is based on the company’s Transaction Monitoring system and experience in the compliance sector. Thanks to that, gambling companies can prevent regulatory violations and avoid trouble.

Operators No Longer Need to Develop In-House Tools

Sumbsub’s co-founder and chief innovation officer, Jacob Sever, commented on the new launch. He said that gaming operators are often overwhelmed by multiple solutions they need to cover their players’ lifecycles. In addition, the solutions available to them rarely correspond to their specific needs and are not tailored to the user profile of gamblers.

As a result, many gambling companies are forced to develop in-house solutions. However, Sumsub will change that, providing companies with an unprecedented full-cycle verification platform for gaming companies.  

Player Risk Profiling and Analytics module is incorporated into the solution, further reinforcing our support for gaming operators’ and platforms’ needs in reducing risk. Previously, we launched our automated Responsible Gaming solution to help gaming companies stay fully compliant with RG regulations.

Jacob Sever, co-founder & CIO, Sumsub

Sumbsub’s new solution leverages the company’s experience in the sector and its previously released solutions. As mentioned by Sever, the company released its Responsible Gaming solution earlier this year, just in time for Responsible Gaming Education month.


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