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Sumsub Releases Automated Responsible Gaming Solution

Sumsub says the new solution will help operators cut costs while remaining compliant

Full-cycle verification platform Sumsub announced the release of an automated Responsible Gaming solution for Responsible Gaming Education month. The new solution offers reliable monitoring that can help gambling operators avoid hefty fines.

Sumsub highlighted the importance of September to responsible gaming in the United States, expressing its own desire to protect players and help iGaming operators shield themselves from fines.

In line with what Responsible Gaming Education month stands for, Sumsub released a solution that can help gambling companies solve their compliance-related needs. Based on Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring system and experience in the global compliance sector, the solution offers a set of rules for responsible gaming controls.

The solution includes flexible know-your-customer (KYC) setup, betting patterns analysis and player’s behavior monitoring and suspicious activities alerts, and potential gaming addiction checks. By leveraging Sumsub’s automated solution, gambling operators can set certain rules and detect when players bet disproportionate amounts of money, start gambling more frequently or make changes to their betting limits.

The new solution allows operators to set rules for onboarding users in certain countries, allowing operators to remain compliant in multiple regions.

The Solution Will Help Operators Prevent Fraud

In addition to helping operators protect their players, the solution will also help gambling companies prevent fraud, such as money laundering, identity theft and payment fraud. Operators that use the solution will also be able to crack down on bonus abuse and other similar schemes.

The automated nature of the Responsible Gaming solution also helps operators cut costs and reduces their manpower needs.

Sumsub’s chief legal officer, Tony Petrov, commented on the release of the automated Responsible Gaming control solution. He pointed out that it will help online gaming platforms identify addicted players, minimize the risk of fraud and remain compliant with the latest industry regulations.

Petrov said that the revolutionary automated solution will help Sumsub remain ahead of the curve when it comes to responsible gambling.

There are numerous checks that can be performed when monitoring transactions related to gaming, and when properly set, they help indicate possible gambling issues. By providing an automated, yet flexible, set of rules, Sumsub stays at the forefront of safe gambling and actively promotes responsible gaming among organizations shaping the industry.

Tony Petrov, chief legal officer, Sumsub

Earlier this year Sumsub provided operators with advice on preventing fraud.


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