November 9, 2023 3 min read


Rhino Entertainment Improves Geolocation Verification in Ontario

The fast-growing iGaming operator joined forces with mkodo, gaining access to the company's leading geolocation verification technology, GeoLocs

mkodo limited, the renowned business-to-business supplier of mobile and front-end technology catering to the growing online gaming and betting sector, announced a new geolocation technology deal. On Thursday, the company confirmed it joined forces with the fast-growing iGaming operator, Rhino Entertainment, agreeing to power its operations in Ontario, Canada.

Under the terms of the new deal, mkodo agreed to grant the operator access to GeoLocs, its leading geolocation verification service. Thanks to the new partnership, Rhino will leverage the new solution, powering its offering for customers in Ontario on

Per the new agreement, the iGaming operator will boost its verification capabilities, offering its clients a seamless experience. Besides improving verification, GeoLocs helps strengthen safety and security, enabling operators to fight against fraud attempts as well.

Stuart Godfree, mkodo’s managing director, revealed that the company is excited to join forces with another fast-growing online gambling operator for the market in Ontario. He spoke about Rhino’s growing position within the regulated gambling sector, outlining that mkodo is “excited to support its journey in the province and expansion throughout the rest of North America.”

We’re proud to support another fantastic operator as it establishes itself in Ontario’s iGaming market, providing Rhino Entertainment’s players with a seamless UX when verifying their location.

Stuart Godfree, managing director at mkodo

The Geolocation Solution Strengthens the Operator’s Offering

Ross Parkhill, Rhino’s CEO, shared the excitement of mkodo’s boss. According to him, the new collaboration enables the company to elevate the experiences for its growing customer base in Ontario, strengthening its geolocation verification capabilities at the same time. Parkhill predicted that the partnership will deliver seamless and secure experiences for online players in Ontario. “We’re excited to offer our players the best UX, in terms of location verification, in Ontario,” he explained in conclusion.

By partnering with GeoLocs and its geolocation verification service to elevate our offering in Ontario, we are confident that we will offer our players in the province a seamless and secure experience, while also meeting the regulatory demands of the province.

Ross Parkhill, CEO at Rhino Entertainment

Leveraging GeoLocs, Rhino enables its customers to seamlessly verify their location without the need to download a companion app. This applies to customers who access the operator’s services via mobile and desktop devices.

The innovative technology requires the users to only give permission to to verify their location. Undoubtedly, GeoLocs will strengthen the iGaming operator’s offering after going live for players in Ontario earlier this year.


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