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Rootz Powers Geolocation Verification with GeoLocs from mkodo

A new deal sees the leading online casino brand and its flagship casino, Wilds, gain access to mkodo's innovative geolocation verification service

The business-to-business (B2B) supplier of mobile and front-end technology powering betting and online gambling operators, mkodo limited, confirmed it inked a new geolocation technology agreement with the award-winning online casino brand, Rootz. Announced Wednesday, the new collaboration sees the leading brand and its flagship online casino, Wilds, benefit from mkodo’s geolocation verification service, GeoLocs.

Under the terms of the new deal, mkodo will power the online casino brand’s operations, allowing it to integrate the iGaming geolocation platform into its offering. Thanks to the new deal, customers of the brand in Ontario, Canada will benefit from fraud-free, secure, safe and fast geolocation verification.

With mkodo’s technology, Rootz gains access to a world-class solution that is expected to help maximize revenue opportunities. At the same time, GeoLocs strengthens the operator’s compliance with regulatory requirements and boosts its compliance strategy. Leveraging GeoLocs will enable Rootz to verify the location of users quickly. This can be done via the operator’s website or app, reducing what could be a prolonged location approval process.

Earlier this month, mkodo once again expanded the reach of its services in Ontario. At the time, the company confirmed that Casumo, the leading online casino operator, gained access to GeoLocs, providing the same level of efficiency with geolocation verification and meeting compliance requirements.

mkodo Is Excited to Team Up with Rootz

Tony Kjäldström, the chief product officer at Rootz, praised the geolocation verification service provided by mkodo. He explained that GeoLocs is the perfect solution for the company. “The technology and expertise behind GeoLocs, as well as the knowledge of regulations and compliance in the region, have been key in supporting us to license and operate in the regulated Canadian market,” added Kjäldström.

According to him, the new collaboration with mkodo complements the growth of Rootz in the region. Finally, Kjäldström said that the new deal enables the leading betting brand to deliver exceptional experiences for its customers while adhering to the specific regulatory requirements for the region.

We’re excited to work with Rootz in Ontario to offer their players the best user experience for geolocation verification.

Stuart Godfree, managing director at mkodo

Stuart Godfree, mkodo’s managing director, added that the company is thrilled to forge this new partnership with Rootz. He explained that GeoLocs will bring the best user experience in geolocation verification for the brand’s customers in Ontario. Finally, Godfree said that mkodo is excited to support the growth of the brand in the region while expanding the reach of its leading geolocation verification technology.


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