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STATSCORE Expands Support for Cricket with New Widget

The provider of data and sports betting widgets has strengthened its offer by featuring a brand new cricket solution

The sports tech and data firm develops the new widget to help strengthen its presence in the particular sport and offer partner operators the opportunity to let fans enjoy their favorite game in an intuitive and value-added way.

The new cricket widget by STATSCORE comes with real-time updates, visualizations, updates, and simple integration to make it a preferred product for operators.

STATSCORE Continues to Improve Its Cricket Offering

STATSCORE business development Manager Bogdan Stańczak said that the launch of cricket data is an important step forward for the company as it allows it to engage with one of the most popular sports in the world.

In fact, cricket is the second most popular sport worldwide, and players and operators can now leverage the STATSCORE app to get fast, reliable, real-time data coverage across the board. Stańczak added:

Designed by experienced professionals, LivematchPro and PrematchPro are easy to launch and will provide outstanding cricket stats and data, as well as eye-catching visualizations of key game incidents, transforming the way fans and bettors engage with the game.

STATSCORE business development Manager Bogdan Stańczak

With this latest addition, STATSCORE now offers real-time data visualizations for 18 sports, and the product offering is available in 30 languages. In terms of cricket coverage, STATSCORE is well aware of what events ought to be featured for the app to have and hold true value with consumers and businesses.

Therefore, the company has integrated the Indian Premier League and Tamil Nadu Premier League into the app and has extended the language support to now feature Hindi. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India as of right now, and Indian player bases are a powerful drive for business results for companies.

Building an App that Captivates Visualizations Under Pressure

STATSCORE VP of product Iwona Gniech-Janicka also commented on the launch of the new app and said that her company has worked hard to ensure that the new widget introduced by the firm is fast, flexible, and stable. STATSCORE’s cricket widget will have to hold and perform well under pressure from substantial traffic and interest from players.

Gniech-Janicka assured that the widget has what it takes, and it further engages with customers by providing them with captivating visualization that allows bettors and fans to immerse themselves in the experience wherever they are.

STATSCORE already has experience covering cricket as well, after the company confirmed that it would be covering the Cricket World Cup qualifier with real-time data.


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