June 19, 2023 2 min read


Statscore Covers Cricket World Cup Qualifier with Real-Time Data

With the Cricket World Cup qualifier underway and lasting through early July, the company will make sure that data from the field is accessible to partners for better fan engagement and experiences

Statscore, a data company focusing on bringing relevant and real-time data from topflight athletic competitions, confirmed that it is now going to be providing extensive coverage of the Cricket World Cup Qualifier event, which began on Sunday, June 18. 

The qualifier will complete on July 9, 2023, and offer fans many opportunities to watch some of the best cricket in the world, as well as place a bet if they want to. The Qualifier stage includes 10 participants who will be playing 34 matches in the Group Stage before they make the next cut – the Super Six.

The two teams from the semifinals will head into the Cricket World Cup event which will be held on Thursday, October 5 – Sunday, November 19, 2023. Statscore will be there to make sure that it provides partners with actionable insight from the field as it happens.

Detailed Breakdown of the Event, Datapoint by Datapoint  

Statscore deploys advanced solutions that allow it to collect core information quickly and reliably about ongoing games. The company will scoop up scorers, run rates, boundaries, and strikes, and offer ball-by-ball statistics, among other important metrics that can help inform betting markets and fans.

Statscore is bringing all of this data into its ScoutsFeed live data stream for a more streamlined and reliable process. The company is well-versed in cricket and it knows what fans expect and hopes to see as well. 

Previously, the company has announced partnerships with the Tamil Nadu Premier League and the Indian Premier League, both of which are considered some of the best and most worthwhile competitions and some of the top-flight level athletic competitions in cricket. 

Statscore will be making the data it collects from cricket events available to sports betting companies, media outlets, and fans, providing a full 360-degree experience for the entire cricket fandom and businesses interested in boosting engagement. 


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