November 25, 2021 3 min read

Stats Perform to Assist A-Leagues in Establishing Digital Footprint

Provider of sports data and AI technology Stats Perform entered into a partnership with Australia’s premier soccer league body, the A-Leagues. The A-Leagues encompasses the pinnacle of professional Men’s Women’s Youth and E-Sports competitions in the country, which will now all benefit from Stats Perform data-driven and industry-focused solutions. 

Stats Perform will leverage its technology to power the A-Leagues digital footprint through the Opta data solution, which will lead to unique experiences for each league’s specific target audience. 

Visualizing Sports Data and Adding Value for Fans 

As part of this partnership, Stats Perform reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative tools that elevate the sports experience, and soccer in particular, for fans, using data to create actionable and tailored content. A-League head of content Richard Bayliss is confident that the partnership will achieve the goals it sets out to accomplish.  

“Our content is driven by data at every level in order to create the best possible experience for fans. A partnership like this enables us to deliver the most innovative and engaging content, enhance our storytelling capability, and offer deeper, fresher insights into every match. The better we get at telling the stories of the players and of the matches, the more fans can connect with the game.”

A-League head of content Richard Bayliss

The A-Leagues will be able to make use of Stats Perform’s visual and customizable widgets that will connect with fans through various digital channels, including social platforms before, during, and after games to keep building on each sports event’s momentum. 

Media analysis is an increasingly important part of the sports world, and the team at Stats Perform has been able to deliver continually excellent results. Storytelling and data-driven narratives remain a staple of how Stats Perform interacts with audiences through partners such as the A-Leagues.

Building on Success Through Sports Data 

The company has already achieved many similar successes with other organizations, such as the Premier League, La Liga, MLS, CONMEBOL, and more. Welcoming this opportunity for his company, Stats Perform CRO Steve Xeller said that Stats Perform was happy to be embarking on the partnership with the A-Leagues. 

Stats Perform has been a huge part of any data-driven aspect of the industry. The company has been working with Borussia Dortmund to help with the team’s scouting efforts. Stats Perform was also one of the first companies to flag a growing appetite for digital experiences. 

While virtual sports were first dismissed by traditional sports fans, a study from back in July indicates that Stats Perform has sufficient proof to claim that such formats have “thrived” during the pandemic. 

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