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Stats Perform to Back Borussia Dortmund Scouting Efforts

Global stats data provider Stats Perform has extended its existing partnership with Bundesliga soccer club Borussia Dortmund. Through the partnership, Stats Perform will continue to leverage its Stats Perform ISF platform to support the club’s management and recruitment operations for the next two years, on top of social initiatives the company has launched just recently. 

Upping the Recruitment Game in the Bundesliga 

Dortmund has been one of the most forward-thinking clubs in terms of recruitment, and no small part of this has been powered by Stats Perform tech-driven solutions. Stats Perform will help the cub scout and headhunt talent as well as integrate promising players into teams where they can further hone their skills.

Dortmund’s recruitment team, led by Markus Pilawa, will use ISF to monitor global recruitment markets daily and assist with additional research into potential prospects. The platform already has over 730,000 active players with accommodating profiles that detail their prowess and level of accomplishment in the game. 

ISF similarly holds data for 100,000 matches played worldwide every year and from all important competitions. Apart from the blanket coverage provided by Stats Perform, Borussia Dortmund has developed dedicated templates within the ISF to meet specific criteria the team has been looking for.

While automation is of great help, the club still relies heavily on human feedback, with staff evaluating prospects in person. Dortmund can focus on picking players from specific age groups and create personalized profiles, set career expectations and develop plans using the Stats Perform tool. 

Relationship Spanning Over 15 Years 

Pilawa has said that the extended agreement with Stats Perform will continue to assist the team in making the right calls for its recruitment practices. “The software maps various steps in our recruitment process that we have developed here in recent years. With the renewed cooperation, we look forward to the continued trustful collaboration,” Pilawa said. 

Stats Perform VP of sales in Europe Stephan Hanke added that the company’s relationship with Dortmund spans 15 years, and the firm is thrilled to continue working with the club. Stats Perform will continue to provide Dortmund with a platform that allows the team to drive efforts across the academy and assist with further scouting efforts. 

“I believe we can help streamline key processes and provide greater clarity to major recruitment decisions at all levels of the club,” Hanke concluded. Stats Perform previously extended its partnership with 365Scores for more live sports data. 


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