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Stats Perform and Signify Join Forces to Prevent Social Media Abuse in Sport

Signify Group and Stats Perform inked an agreement to prevent online social media abuse in sports. The two companies will collaborate and use Signify’s proprietary Threat Matrix service to fight against abuse on social media.

Signify Joins Forces with Stats Perform

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology and sports tech data leader Stats Perform has inked a unique partnership with the British ethical data science company Signify Group. By joining forces, the duo will seek to bring the best-in-class service monitoring the sports market.

Currently, online social media abuse is one of the most serious problems that the sports ecosystem around the globe is facing. Besides fans, teams and leagues, government bodies have also been called to action and stop the abuse. The partnership will see Stats Perform’s Integrity Unit collaborate with Signify to prevent social media abuse. The duo will use AI, as well as machine learning to monitor and identify in real-time online abuse.

Management of the Two Companies Share Their Excitement

Stats Perform’s CEO, Carl Mergele, said that the company’s integrity work is focused on protecting “sport and that includes athletes and other participants.” He acknowledged that in sports, there is increasing pressure from fans and sponsors. Mergele added that this is one of the reasons why the two companies have joined forces, aiming at deploying AI to protect athletes, sports officials and players from online abuse. In conclusion, he stressed that Stats Perform is proud to bring this offering to its clients.

We are delighted to be partnering with Stats Perform to offer Threat Matrix to their unrivaled portfolio of clients.

Jonathan Hirshler, CEO, Signify

Signify CEO Jonathan Hirshler said that the company is delighted to partner with Stats Perform. He acknowledged that the agreement will bring the company’s Threat Matrix to Stats Perform clients. Hirshler outlined that the Threat Matrix has AI-powered proactive monitoring and analysis capabilities that help protect athletes and other people involved in sports from “online threat and discriminatory abuse.” According to him, the platform combined with Stats Perform’s expertise within the sports industry will further enhance that protection.

Threat Matrix: Ultimate Service Fighting against Online Abuse in Sports

Signify’s Threat Matrix uses high-scale AI technology that detects online abuse. Consequently, the platform “unmasks abusers and identifies trends, tactics and technologies used to send hate online.” That service helps teams, players associations, governing bodies and stakeholders. In other words, the service provides protection for individuals involved in sports and helps in terms of evidence, deflecting and reporting online abuse.

Additionally, Signify’s service offers proactive analysis and monitoring of millions of media posts via different platforms. The service is capable of recognizing emojis, keywords, as well as abusive words, phrases and terms used in multiple languages. Developed over the last two years, Threat Matrix enables a defensive approach combined with evidence when screening abusive or unwanted communications with public figures.


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