September 2, 2021 3 min read


Stats Perform and 365Scores Extend Partnership by Five Years

Stats Perform, and 365Scores have signed a five-year partnership that will see Stats Perform continue to power the latter’s live scores tracking mobile app. The app offers a variety of metrics, including premium-level sports data, game tracking and player stats, and provides frequent updates in real-time across a range of sports, including football, soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, cricket and others. 

Building upon a Successful Relationship 

365Scores has decided to extend its ongoing relationship with Stats Perform as a testament to the former’s expertise in crunching, handling, and providing big data solutions for the sports sector. As a result, 365Scores is capable of providing consumers with the most reliable and quickest real-time game tracking to sports fans.

Stats Perform fans to stay on top of their favorite sports and make educated decisions about individual player performance or a team as a whole. Stats Perform has been able to leverage its data on various occasions, and in July, the company produced a massive study focusing on digital growth in sports.

Commenting on the partnership extension, Stats Perform CEO Carl Mergele stated, “Sports fans desire a rich, personalized experience, and Stats Perform’s data and AI are the fuel for that experience. The way 365Scores uses our data to deliver a real-time, complete experience for fans is incredible. We are thrilled to continue to partner with 365Scores and keep fans in the game.”

Bringing Comprehensive and In-Depth Data for All of Sports 

Stats Perform offers some of the most comprehensive and in-depth sports data in the entire industry, enabling its AI technology to continually update the data sets and provide end-consumers, and partners as in this case, with actionable information. Stats Performable serves live broadcasts, betting companies, sports leagues and more. 

365Scores CEO Ami Serkis noted that the company was looking forward to continuing working with Stats Perform so that 365 may continue to deliver “the best and most complete fan experience available.” He added, “365Scores takes great pride in offering our loyal users the fastest and most accurate live scores updates online, on any device, in any language – and this partnership with Stats Perform is integral to allowing us to do that.” 

Presently, 365Scores serves a market numbering 40 million sports fans that turn to the app for actionable information. The app is fully compatible with a range of devices, making it easy for consumers to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store and use it on the go. 

Stats Perform engaged with a number of initiatives, including a campaign to end online social media abuse in sports. The company continues to deliver bonafide data feeds that elevate the sports experience for bettors, casual and hardcore fans. 


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