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Starlizard Integrity Services Renewed Arrangement with FMF

Provider of integrity services Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) announced today a new partnership with the Moldovan Football Federation (FMF) aimed at fighting the threat of match-fixing in Moldova.

‘Valuable Partner and Important Ally’

The 12-month agreement between SIS and the FMF was finalized after both parties successfully collaborated last year for a match-fixing investigation which led to FC Floresti being demoted from Moldova’s top-league in January this year.  

FMF’s Integrity Officer Evgeni Zubic expressed his delight to continue working with the provider of integrity services which proved itself as “a valuable partner and important ally in the fight against match-fixing.”

“We have already benefited enormously from their deep understanding of betting markets and their expertise in identifying both suspicious betting patterns and team or player behavior. The renewal of the agreement with SIS will enable us to build on our successful collaboration and further strengthen our efforts to keep Moldovan football clean.”

Evgeni, Zubic, Integrity Officer, FMF

Combining deep insights into the mechanics of betting markets with detailed analysis of on-pitch performance data and research, SIS is the ideal partner for any sports organization seeking to protect the integrity of the sport by identifying and ousting any suspected or potential match-fixing behavior.

Services Provided Free of Charge

Outlining FMF’s commitment to “safeguarding the integrity of Moldovan football,” Head of SIS Affy Sheikh said SIS was “privileged to be supporting” the country’s soccer governing body in its endeavor.

“It is another example of our successful working relationships with sports governing bodies around the world, where we provide our monitoring, analysis and alert services free of charge as part of our own commitment to ridding football and sport in general of match manipulation.”

Affy Sheikh, Head, Starlizard Integrity Services

The renewed agreement will see SIS continue to provide the FMF with a dedicated alert service, notifying free of charge the governing body of Moldovan soccer of any suspicious betting patterns or questionable performances by teams or individual players.

Further, the terms of the agreement provide for SIS to be ready to launch an investigation related to any specific allegations of match manipulation, working in collaboration with the FMF on these investigations.

Founded in 2006, Starlizard is analyzing millions of data points to distill events on the pitch and in the betting markets, converting the data into accurate betting probabilities.

Created as a specialist division, SIS utilizes the company’s data capturing and analytical capabilities to identify and flag potential match-fixing and support sports and enforcement agencies to oust corruption from sports.

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