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Star Entertainment Appoints New Acting CEO, Interim Chairman

Tumultuous times are still holding Star Entertainment Group executive lineup captive. In light of an ongoing regulatory review, multiple C-level employees departed. After John O’Neil stepped down last week, news of fresh appointments followed shortly after. The new interim chairman Ben Heap and new interim CEO Geoff Hogg were previously director and chief casino officer New South Wales and Queensland respectively.

Geoff Hogg and Ben Heap Stepping Up

The Star Entertainment Group has announced its newest interim CEO and Chairman amid struggles to keep the ship afloat as a result of an ongoing regulatory review. Previous chief casino officer (NSW & QLD) Geoff Hogg is going to take up the position of interim CEO and the new interim chairman is going to be Ben Heap – an experienced company director.

The news comes as The Star is currently in a messy review and is trying to clean up its act in order to avoid losing its license. The announced changes are expected to take effect on June 1, 2022. The C-level staff has been steadily draining since the end of March when then-CEO Matt Bekier resigned, followed by three more executives departing at the beginning of May. June cannot come soon enough as Star Entertainment is fighting for its right to exit this review with a license still in its hands.

Regulatory Review Affects Company On Many Levels

The Star’s alleged AML failures and dubious foreign activities provide a great deal to focus on for the ongoing regulatory review, led by Adam Bell SC who was also the lead SC in the Bergin Inquiry. Star has been trying to actively clean up its act with multiple management officials stepping down and cutting rebate programs, for example. Unfortunately, those moves are also making the ship harder to steer as heads keep changing positions and responsibilities.

Having such an experienced person to lead the review is having quite an effect on the way The Star is undertaking these kinds of changes. The company is obviously trying to clear its name and takes matters seriously. After all, the casino’s ability to hold a license in NSW is on the line. A new interim CEO who was the chief casino officer for NSW and QLD might just be what the company needs when trying to contain everything and move past this unpleasantness.


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