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Spotlight Sports Group to Launch Soccer Betting Hubs

Spotlight Sports Group, a sports betting tech and media company, has unveiled new one-off sports betting hubs for soccer. The news comes ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Spotlight Sports Group Unveiled Soccer Betting Hubs

Spotlight already has significant experience with sports betting hubs. The company has already launched similar event hubs during other elite sporting events. For reference, Spotlight Sports Group has hosted hubs during multiple big darts tournaments, the Winter Olympics and the Cheltenham Festival. Despite Spotlight’s experience with sports and sports betting, this will be the first time it launches a soccer-oriented hub.

The sports betting hubs provide Spotlight Sports Group’s customers with an advantage over their sports betting peers. Additionally, each of Spotlight’s solutions will be available in one territory, which will provide fans with a further edge.  

Thanks to the company’s editorial and technical expertise, it will be able to quickly roll out superior content without making fans wait. Furthermore, the hubs are designed in a way that makes them easily to be integrated into a sportsbook or a blog. To top it off, the hubs come equipped with live odds and provide localized content in over 70 languages.

All the Engagement with None of the “Technical Headaches”

Rob Black, Spotlight Sports Group’s business-to-business sales director, spoke about the new soccer hubs. He noted that the company’s experience shows that product and marketing teams in the industry adore providing their customers with premium content around major events. Sadly, many companies experience hurdles because of technical roadmaps and queues that impede innovation. Because of this, Black noted, Spotlight Sports Group aims to minimize the “technical headache” while still providing supreme experiences that excites and engages bettors.

We also know, from the research conducted, that these integrated content experiences are both favored by customers and that they drive huge ROI. We can supply incredible betting journeys that players will love by taking away that technical headache.

Rob Black, B2B sales director, Spotlight Sports Group

Spotlight Sports Group is confident to launch the new soccer betting hubs because of its prior experience with such initiatives. Notably, the company’s content experiences have always returned their investment, which makes it optimistic and enthusiastic about launching more of them. To elaborate, data shows that around 49% of the event hub visitors place a bet in the same session. Meanwhile, 79% of the customers use the hub content to learn more before placing a bet.

On a separate note, Spotlight Sports Group recently expanded its influence in Asia, following a deal with Sky City.


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