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Sportsbooks Rank Kamala Harris Ahead of Joe Biden in Presidential Race

While the odds for Harris are higher than Biden's, Donald Trump retains his lead ahead of the election

The election for a new President of the United States is scheduled for November 5 this year. The political race sees two long-term rivals face each other, the current President Joe Biden and the former President Donald Trump.

A major debate that was expected to set the mood for the upcoming election took place late last week. The debate on CNN saw Biden meet Trump and attracted a wide range of prop bets. Online bookmaker BetOnline.ag offered nearly 50 different bets on the discussion.

What’s more interesting was the outcome of the debate that was recognized as a solid win for Trump. Trying to defend himself, Biden claimed that jet lag contributed to his poor performance in the discussion against Trump.

Yet, some industry observers saw that VP Kamala Harris may have a better chance of winning the upcoming presidential elections. Similar was the opinion of online sportsbooks.

According to PredictIt, the chances of Kamala Harris winning the US presidential election stand at 23%, a result that is 1% higher than Biden’s chances. Still, Trump retains the lead, at least according to the bookmaker, considering his 57% chance to win the election.

Former President Donald Trump Retains the Lead

Trump’s potential future as the new President comes at a time when he was recently found guilty on 34 charges related to falsification of business records. This allegedly tied him to Stormy Daniels, a recognizable adult film star.

Despite the charges, following the recent debate, Trump seems to only be gaining more speed and advantage when compared to the odds of Harris or Biden winning the election.

Events and scandals can have a significant impact on the outcome of political races in particular. Across the ocean, in the UK, the Labour Party, won the general election after taking 412 out of the 650 parliamentary seats.

This marked a historic win for Labour and a devastating defeat for the Conservatives, popular in the country as Tories. The election followed a looming gambling scandal that involved a number of Conservative candidates. Although Labour was also impacted by the betting scandal, the Tories ultimately took the big hit.

Still, there’s plenty of time until the November election in the US so it is safe to say that nothing is over until it’s over.


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