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Sports Betting Revenue in New Hampshire Dips in December 2021

Sports betting revenue in New Hampshire has seen better days judging by figures released by the New Hampshire Lottery recently.

New Hampshire Lottery Releases Sports Betting Revenue Figures for December

The New Hampshire Lottery has announced the figures for sports betting revenue for December 2021. All in all, the sports betting handle in December 2021 hit $86.4 million. Compared to November 2021, an increase is observed considering that the sports betting handle back then halted at $83.2 million. However, the result in December still falls behind when compared to the sports betting handle from October 2021. Back then, sports fans wagered some $98.2 million. Despite the $86.4 million in sports betting handle, gross gaming revenue in December plummeted to $2.6 million. A month earlier, in November, GGR hit $6.2 million. In October, GGR halted at $5.4 million, which is still significantly more than the gross gaming revenue from December.

Not unexpectedly, proceeds for the state’s coffers have also plummeted. In October, sportsbooks brought $2.6 million in tax revenue, while in November, tax revenue hit $2.9 million. In contrast, for December, the tax revenue hit only $1.1 million. This marked one of the lowest values recorded in the last 6 months, second only to August when tax revenue halted at $0.7 million. Breakdown of the $1.1 million in tax revenue shows that mobile sports betting contributed $1 million, while retail sports betting raised $82,408.

Mobile GGR Dips, Retail GGR Decreases

The latest report released by the New Hampshire Lottery reveals a breakdown of the $2.6 million in gross gaming revenue in December. It comes as no surprise that mobile sports betting contributed significantly by raising $2,446,400 in GGR. On the other hand, retail sports venues were responsible for raising only $198,534.

While mobile sports betting GGR in November hit $5.6 million, compared to the $2.4 million in December, a significant decrease is observed. Moreover, December’s GGR for mobile sports betting is down when compared to October as well, when GGR hit $4 million.

The result is similar when it comes to retail sports betting. Comparing the $198,534 in GGR raised in December to the $549,990 in GGR in November, a significant decrease is observed. Moreover, in October, retail sports betting GGR hit $1.4 million. However, considering that October was the first full month of NFL action, it doesn’t come as a surprise that retail sports betting GGR had skyrocketed.


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