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Sportradar Releases Educational Athlete Wellbeing Video

Sportradar Group, a leading sports technology company, has launched a new video to promote safer gambling and good mental health among athletes. Appropriately called Athlete Wellbeing, the video outlines key points about things that affect professional sports players.

Sportradar Released an Educational Video for Its Partners

Athlete Wellbeing is a highly-educational documentary-styled video that explains all the important things that people should know about athletes’ mental health, how sports betting can impact it and how this impact can affect pro players’ quality of life.

The new video is available for free for all of Sportradar’s Integrity Services league and governing body partners. It is a part of Sportradar’s continued efforts to promote player health and support its stakeholders amid the rapid growth of the sports wagering sector.

Sportradar explained that the Athlete Wellbeing video features many experts who have long studied responsible gambling and mental health. In addition, the exclusive video would also feature interviews with pro athletes who will provide their own input on the matter. For example, Lindsay Tarpley Snow, a former soccer pro, Garrett Whitlock, a professional baseball athlete and Connor McCaffery, a collegiate basketball player, will all share their stories and opinions on the correlations between gambling and mental health in pro sports.

The Program Seeks to Educate Athletes about the Dangers of Betting

Sportradar’s Athlete Wellbeing program was originally launched this summer and seeks to support its partnering leagues by helping them educate their players about the dangers of excessive gambling and sports betting. To that end, the sports tech company wants to provide its allies with all the resources, educational materials and support they might need to teach their athletes to play responsibly.

Athlete Wellbeing subscribers will be able to benefit from the various perks offered by the program. These, according to Sportradar, include:

  • Enhanced appreciation of the potential impact of sports betting on athletes’ mental health
  • Greater awareness of the signs and how to process what they may feel
  • A better understanding of the resources that are available to help players

The sports tech giant is recognized by many for its superior integrity and player health efforts. The new program expands Sportradar’s Integrity Services which are used to prevent fraud such as match-fixing in professional sports.

In other news, Sportradar just received a sports gaming supplier license in Ohio, allowing the tech company to offer its services to local sportsbooks. Thanks to this, the provider now holds a whopping 41 licenses to operate in the United States and Canada. One of the latest companies to recognize Sportradar and adopt its solutions was Tally Technology.


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