February 2, 2023 3 min read


Sportradar Powers In-House Operators via Insight Tech Services

Sportradar has launched Artificial Intelligence-based Insight Tech Services to help in-house operators optimize their performance

The new standalone Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are aimed at sportsbook operators looking to enhance their risk management, marketing, and trading abilities. The fresh tools will help Sportradar’s in-house operators optimize their commercial performance. The new suite complements the company’s current Managed Trading Services. 

Unlocking Real-Time Insights to Supercharge Operations

Sportradar’s innovative use of AI technology will enable operators to better understand their customers and business. At the same time, the new suite will provide them with the necessary tools to increase the efficiency of their operations in risk management, trading, and marketing. 

In terms of risk management, sportsbook operators will get to process enhanced levels of betting ticket information. In return, this will help them better evaluate the risks tied to certain sporting events, bets, or player accounts while limiting their financial exposure. 

With the help of Live Time Delay Offset, operators will get to generate personalized bet acceptance delays. For better trading purposes, operators can use Insight Tech Services to generate customized wagering odds based on their liabilities via Alpha Odds, betting markets, and more accurate prices to boost their margins and improve customer experience.

Sportsbook operators can also use Sportradar’s new tools to improve their risk management via Automated Player Profiling. 

Sportradar’s managing director managed betting services Paolo Personeni spoke about the launch of the new services. He mentioned the “hyper-competitive betting market” and the pressure that sportsbook operators are subject to when looking to increase their performance and create deeper and more engaging bonds with customers. 

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine-Learning 

The 2001-based company that is fully committed to excellence, top-quality services and reliability currently has 3,700 full-time staff members spread across 20 countries. Sportradar has inked partnership deals with over 1,700 customers in more than 120 countries and it is also the official partner of a large number of important sports organizations and bodies, including the National Baseball Association, the National Hockey League, the Federation Internationale de Football Association, and others. 

By mixing Sportradar’s leading AI and impressive amount of sports betting data in the industry, Sportradar constantly creates innovative solutions and products dedicated to simplifying operators’ work and increasing their performance. 

Insight Tech Services is the freshest AI-driven set of tools created by the company with the purpose of allowing operators to lead a more efficient sportsbook in-house while delivering tailored services that cater to the interests of individual customers.

Last November, Sportradar won the Data Service Provider of the Year award at the American Gambling Awards. 

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