October 11, 2022 3 min read

Sportradar Agrees to Power XLMedia with Data

Global sports data specialist Sportradar has unveiled a new multi-year agreement with the digital media juggernaut XLMedia. The deal will see Sportradar as XLMedia’s official sports data provider.

XLMedia Joins Forces with Sportradar

As per the agreement, Sportradar will supply XLMedia with its real-time sports data products. The latter company will leverage the products across its owned and operated digital properties, which include sites such as Sportsbettingdime, saturdaytradition, saturdaydownsouth, CrossingBroad,k EliteSportsNY and Canadian Sports Betting.

Sportradar will, furthermore, power its new partner with its portfolio of visualization tools. This includes various widgets and live match trackers that would help XLMedia engage its fans with superior and user-friendly content.

Lastly, XLMedia will receive access to Sportradar’s critically-acclaimed betting odds and insights. The goal of this is to boost demands for sports betting across the media giant’s network of websites.  

Sportradar Was Welcomed to the XLMedia Family

Brian Joseph, Sportradar’s head of regional sales for North America, commented on the new deal. He noted that the current partnership attests to Sportradar’s qualities as a one-stop shop for exclusive betting data and sports content. Joseph is glad that a high-quality publisher such as XLMedia has taken interest in Sportradar’s product and has chosen them as a means to engage its audiences.

Joseph added that he is sure XLMedia’s fans and bettors will love the products Sportradar will provide to the media company.

The dynamic, relevant and engaging products that XLMedia will receive through this partnership will not only resonate with fans and bettors alike, but also aid XLMedia in further monetizing their audiences.

Brian Joseph, head of regional sales NA, Sportradar

Elizabeth Carter, XLMedia’s vice president of global marketing and communications, also shared her thoughts on the new partnership. She lauded Sportradar as a genuine innovator in the sports data and betting sector. According to Carter, Sportradar’s products are key to XLMedia’s ambition to boost fan engagement and provide its audience with enriching sports and sports betting experiences.  

The VP concluded that XLMedia is certain Sportradar’s products are going to boost sports betting demand among XLMedia’s audiences and advertisers.

We’re confident that the premium products Sportradar provides will increase demand from audiences and advertisers alike. Our team is thrilled to expand this partnership and integration over time.

Elizabeth Carter, VP global marketing and communications, XLMedia

In other news, Sportradar just closed a key deal with Pragmatic Solutions. The deal saw Sportradar integrate its Managed Trading Services and Orako sportsbook with Pragmatic Solutions’ player account management platform. This agreement will benefit many businesses that are interested in setting up sportsbooks integrated with PAM systems.


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