October 11, 2022 3 min read

VGCCC to Regulate Betting During the Spring Racing Carnival

With the Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner, Victoria’s Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) promised to vigilantly keep watch on bookmakers. The regulator vowed to quickly take action if it identified any breaches.

VGCCC to Watch over the Spring Racing Carnival

The Spring Racing Carnival is one of the biggest horse racing events in the Australian state. It is an annual event that attracts many fans of horse racing and sports betting. As such, it is no surprise that the carnival attracts a lot of illegal gambling. Furthermore, many legal operators tend to surreptitiously offer products that are in breach of the state’s laws on gambling.

As the event approaches, the VGCCC said that it would make sure that operators play by the rules. The authority warned that licensees must keep in mind that they must abide by the local regulations and, as a result, must avoid offering harmful betting products.

In addition, the regulator reminded operators that they must not take bets from people who are under the influence of alcohol or minors. The VGCCC added that it would carefully follow the developments within the sector during the Spring Carnival and check whether gambling companies remain compliant. It also reminded operators to check their customers’ documents, as required by Victorian law.

Gaming facilities and machines will also be supervised, the regulator warned. Digital betting, according to the regulator, will be subject to the same scrutiny that retail betting is subject to.

The Regulator Will Not Hesitate to Take Action

The chief executive officer of the VGCCC, Annette Kimmitt, warned that the authority’s inspectors will operate on a “zero tolerance” policy if they spot any purposeful breaches. She noted that compliance is something that is expected from all of Victoria’s licensees.

This spring racing season, we want to see industry participants step up to both their legal and social obligations and expect gaming operators to protect the community from gambling harm.

Annette Kimmitt, CEO, VGCCC

Kimmitt added that bookmakers and Tabcorp have been warned and should prepare for the season without trying to circumvent the rules, lest they face the consequences. VGCCC’s CEO concluded that the authority will “not shy away” from imposing fines and other penalties.

This year’s edition of the Spring Racing Carnival begins on November 1 and will see the beloved horse racing event return to normalcy. For the last two years, the carnival took place without an audience but will now once again welcome fans of professional horse racing. Because of this, the VGCCC will be extra careful to make sure its rules are upheld.


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