March 17, 2022 3 min read


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Spiffbet Appointed Cecilia Skarin as Its New CFO

The Swedish online casino operator Spiffbet has reinforced its financial team with the addition of a new acting chief financial officer. The one chosen by the company is Cecilia Skarin who has years of experience in the field of finance.

Skarin’s Experience Earned Her a Promotion

Skarin, describing herself as an ambitious and passionate person, has a knack for positions of leadership and has worked in chief financial positions at several notable companies.

Her experience includes almost five years as the finance manager of the sleeping furniture manufacturer Sängvaruhuset SOVA (2009 to 2014), followed by another five-year tenure at the digital commerce company Vaimo (2014 to 2019).  In 2019, Skarin had a short stint as a financial worker for SWEDISH FITNESS TRADING AB, followed by five months as Destroy Rebuilding Company AB’s financial manager. In 2020 she joined Spiffbet for the first time and has since served as the company’s head of finance.

With more than a decade of experience behind her back, Skarin has a profound understanding of the intricacies of the financial sector. She is well-versed with accounting, tax returns, annual reports, etc. Thanks to her skill set, Skarin has now earned the position of Spiffbet’s chief financial officer and will guide the operator’s financial operations. She will step into the new position on April 1, replacing Jens Bruno, the company’s current CFO.

Spiffbet Is Steadily Expanding Its Business

Spiffbet has been experiencing a sharp increase in its revenues. In 2021, the company earned over $10 million, which is a figure that is five times higher than what Spiffbet got in 2020. After careful analysis of its revenues, Spiffbet announced that it plans to shift its main focus towards business-to-business operations – a move that mirrors Aspire Global’s decision to sell its B2C business and focus entirely on B2B services. Speaking of Aspire Global, Spiffbet recently partnered with the Aspire-owned online games supplier Pariplay.

Spiffbet’s favorable results come were reinforced by its clever M&A activity. In January 2021, the company acquired the Sir Jackpot and Live Lounge online casinos in a $300,000 deal. Later that same year, the Swedish company acquired the gaming distribution platform Rhino Gaming – a brand that has grown to be at the center of Spiffbet’s expansion strategy. The operator is currently in talks to acquire the Maltese operators Manisol Gaming in a $3 million deal.

Sweden, Spiffbet’s native market, has been seen huge successes, cementing the country as one of the top regulated gambling jurisdictions. The country has seen a huge influx of operators and game suppliers, which has prompted the local regulator to review some of its rules.


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