September 16, 2021 3 min read

likes: Becomes Global Fan Engagement Partner for La Liga will spearhead Spain’s La Liga efforts in achieving broader recognition and boosting its overall engagement. The company, which issues and distributes Fan Tokens, is now the official Global Fan Engagement Partner for the country’s top-tier league.

With over 800 million fans globally, Socios and La Liga will seek to actively engage with fans in new ways that allow them to extract more benefits for soccer aficionados and the business model.

Turning La Liga Fans into Empowered and Active Individuals

To achieve this, La Liga will count on Socios’ blockchain technology solutions that should allow it to make it easier for fans to feel involved. There will be unique rewards and activations available, including free tickets, signed jerseys, and special promotions that are dubbed “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities,” which could be anything from traveling to meet favorite players to other fan-focused events. operates as a direct-to-consumer platform that seeks to turn passive fans into active fans, eliciting stronger engagement and more value for everyone involved. The company is actively looking to monetize soccer fan bases through the issuance of Fan Tokens that can be used to weigh in on various soccer club decisions.

Presently, the company has active partnerships with over 40 of the global soccer elite across 20 different countries. Its Fan Tokens have been able to attract no fewer than 1.3 million sports fans to its platform and the clubs presently signed up include FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, Levante UD and Atlético de Madrid, to name a few.

Achieving Global Success through the Issuance of Tokens

When Lionel Messi transitioned from Barcelona FC to Paris Saint-Germain FC earlier this year, he also received a part of his payment in $PSG Fan Tokens issued by So far, the company has generated an estimated $200 million in 2021, per data available in early August.

Commenting on this partnership, CEO and founder Alexandre Dreyfus stated, “We are very excited and proud to be partnering with La Liga, one of the biggest brands in global sports, with over 800 million fans around the world, and home to legendary clubs that have helped write the history of football.”

He called the partnership an opportunity for to turn La Liga fans into “empowered, active participants.” La Liga is the first major European soccer league to have teamed up with after the company rebranded Argentina’s Primera Division to Torneo in July.

La Liga executive director Oscar Mayo said that the organization was pleased to have become a partner to “For us, it’s a way of getting closer to them [fans] and offering them new experiences,” Mayo concluded. has ventured outside of sports by teaming up with Team Vitality, the largest European esports organization and issuing a dedicated Fan Token, $VIT, for the brand, as well.


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