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Argentina’s Primera Division Rebrands as Torneo Socios.com

The Primera Division is Argentina’s top football league. It is most notable for being the first professional football league to be created outside the United Kingdom. As the sport has evolved, so has the Primera Division. It will now change even further as it will be renamed in the wake of a strategic deal with two parties. 

Primera Division Becomes Torneo Socios.com

The partnership involves Chiliz, a currency option for blockchain-backed products & services geared towards mainstream consumers, and its sports fan engagement platform Socios.com. Primera Division will now bear the name Torneo Socios.com (Socios.com Tournament) during the 2021-2022 soccer season.

This will be the first time since its founding in 1891 that the formerly-called Primera Division has partnered with a commercial brand and has been renamed as a result. Claudio Tapia, the President of the Argentine Football Association, attested that this is an important moment in history. He mentioned that his party is delighted to work together with Socios.com and is looking forward to seeing this partnership bloom further. 

The recent deal isn’t the first dealing between the involved parties as recently the Argentine Football Association partnered with Socios.com to release a fan token for the country’s national football team. 

Fan Tokens: An Engaging and Lucrative System  

Fan tokens are a unique and novel blockchain-based mechanic that lets people support their favorite sports and esports teams. When fans purchase a token, half of the earnings go directly to the teams the token is based on. Moreover, being in possession of such tokens gives fans some extra community rights – for example, it gives them the unique opportunity to get involved in their favorite sports teams’ decisions as they can vote on polls that are reserved for token holders. 

The model has proven to be highly successful as it is both engaging and lucrative – according to statistics, sports teams and other parties that have issued fan tokens have collectively earned a total of $150 million

Socios.com’s fan token services have been becoming increasingly popular among leagues, teams, and all kinds of parties with a fervent fan community. It is a good mechanic that lets customers become a part of what they love while providing earnings to the party that issued the tokens through Socios.com.

In recent times the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) decided to innovate and launched its fan token. As esports has also grown to be receptive to deals with blockchain and crypto companies, French esports organization Team Vitality also decided to try Socios.com’s fan token services.


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