August 11, 2023 3 min read


Slots Temple Enhances Player Safety with Signzy Partnership

This collaboration will introduce cutting-edge identity verification services to Slots Temple’s platform, ensuring a secure gaming environment

Renowned international slots website Slots Temple forged a strategic partnership with Signzy, a global leader in AI-based digital identity verification solutions. The ever-evolving landscape of online gaming makes the authenticity and security of player identities and transactions a paramount concern for operators, requiring continued investments. Signzy Solutions should perfectly fit Slots Temple as the company maintains its leadership position.

Improved Security Has Wide-Reaching Benefits

The core of this partnership lies in integrating Signzy’s advanced verification APIs into the Slots Temple gaming platform. This integration will empower players with an added layer of security, allowing them to confidently engage in games and tournaments, knowing that their identities and personal information are protected. The AI-driven technology provided by Signzy streamlines the verification process, delivering quick and accurate results while minimizing disruptions to the gaming experience.

Through this collaboration, Slots Temple is demonstrating its commitment to creating a safe and secure gaming environment that meets the highest standards of integrity and compliance. Company CEO Fraser Linkleter was excited about the update’s positive impact on the community. He reaffirmed Slots Temple’s customer-focused mindset, promising enduring security and safety.

By collaborating with Signzy, we… will not only protect our players but also bolster our platforms integrity.

Fraser Linkleter, Slots Temple CEO 

Signzy CEO Ankit Ratan supported Linkleter’s sentiment, highlighting the two companies’ shared commitment to improving the worldwide gaming environment. Their AI-based identity verification technology ensures that players are of legal age and are playing from authorized jurisdictions. This proactive approach safeguards players and contributes to the credibility and reputation of partnering operators.

The Partnership Reaffirms Slots Temple’s Commitment

The collaboration with Signzy aligns with Slots Temple’s mission to stand out from other affiliates. In a previous interview with Gambling News, CEO Linkleter stated that the operator would focus on ensuring age verification standards in every jurisdiction, providing a secure foundation for genuine relationships between stakeholders and affiliates. 

Slots Temple’s most recent security-focused efforts build upon the company’s membership in RAiG (Responsible Affiliates in Gambling), an independent body, raising responsible gambling standards. Such an unwavering commitment to its player base has aided the company’s considerable success as it now stands among the world’s leading iGaming affiliates.

As the gaming industry evolves, integrating AI-driven identity verification solutions gives players a more secure and enjoyable gaming experience, free from fraud and unauthorized access concerns. This newest collaboration sets a positive precedent for the broader gaming industry, highlighting the importance of advanced security measures in an increasingly digital world.

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