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Slots Temple Becomes a Member of RAiG

Slots Temple, a leading affiliate run by a group of online gaming enthusiasts, has become the latest member of RAiG (Responsible Affiliates in Gambling), an independent body, raising responsible gambling standards.

Slots Temple Has Completed RAiG’s Tough Membership Process

Slots Temple, an innovative iGaming affiliate, has fully completed its membership process in RAiG (Responsible Affiliates in Gambling), an independent body that helps raise responsible gambling standards. Now, Slots Temple has much more validation to build a better business value and provide players assurance of a safe gaming environment. The affiliate has announced it is going to launch its free-to-enter tournaments.

Slots Temple CMO Fraser Linkleter stated that the market requires affiliates to be as trustworthy to players as casino operators. He said that its membership in RAiG shows its commitment to its customers and building trust in Slots Temple.

Linkleter said that the process of becoming a member was tough, as it should have been. RAiG had to delve deep into its operations. It analyzed Slots Temple’s staff training of responsible gambling, how the company presents itself and protects the public. He said that this process puts the company in a good position for future applications. Slots Temple’s site and the company’s operations are in a better place after receiving such recommendations as the company moves forward to future expansion plans.

RAiG’s Philosophy on Trust as A Foundation for the Industry

RAiG’s goal is to promote responsible gambling practices and conducts a wide range of initiatives in the affiliate sector in the UK. The organization, founded in 2019, aims to create a safe gambling environment, protecting the end-users and laying the foundations of trust in the industry.

RAiG Chairman Cian Nugent said that the body is happy to welcome Slots Temple as its newest member and looks forward to working with the group for future compliance in the market. He stated that the industry moves forward at a rapid pace. It is vital to remember the end-users and to implement effective customer protection measures. Nugent said that this process begins with operators and affiliates because they will be the ones to build a trustworthy environment for the community, which is essential for the industry.

In a recent interview for, Linkleter said: “Casino affiliate business has been slow to innovate, however, we are now seeing lots of the best affiliates working to create communities and developing tools that add value.”

Slots Temple is now part of RAiG’s list of accredited associates, alongside Better Collective, a founding member of the organization, Oddschecker, and Racing Post.

Linkleter concluded that the affiliate is proud of becoming a member of RAiG with a voice and a role in the organization. Slots Template looks forward to the future of affiliates in the iGaming industry.


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