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SkillOnNet and neccton Roll Out New Responsible Gambling Tool

As gambling continues to expand across the planet, there has been a growing need for better control and regulation of the activities. Safer gambling mechanisms and measures are being introduced regularly in order to ensure that customers are protected from any form of gambling-related harm. To that effect, renowned online casino platform provider SkillOnNet has recently inked a partnership agreement with Neccton, a data science company, to launch a new responsible gambling tool.

Mentor, the newly unveiled tool from the pair, was developed by Neccton in order to help in fighting gambling-related harm. Its development process was quite extensive and was made possible thanks to input from a number of experts including behavioral scientists as well as psychologists.

How Does It work?

Mentor operates by tracking player data and using this data is detects risk patterns, behavioral changes as well as signs of problem gambling. Players who exhibit these are flagged and if they are considered to be at risk of gambling-related harm, they are presented with useful information that is tailored to protect them from harm. This also utilizes the immense power of modern machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence.

As it turns out, the inclusion of expert input on the development of the tool paid out quite well. For instance, the communication that the affected players will receive is based on “motivational interviewing” which is a counseling approach that was developed by William Miller and Stephen Rollnick, who are highly admired clinical psychologists.

According to Micahel Auer, a director at Neccton, Academic research is a vital component of their efforts to combat harm that is related to gambling activities. That said, they will still be leveraging academic expertise as they continue to improve Mentor.

“Over the last ten years, we have published more studies than anybody else in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming. We have shown what works and what does not work and are constantly improving our solution based on academic evidence and best practice.”

Micahel Auer, a director at Neccton.

The new responsible gambling tool is now headed for a wider rollout across all of SkillOnNEt’s brands such as Slingo, AHTI Games, PlayOJO, Lucky Vegas, SlotsMagic, and Lucky Vegas among others.

neccton’s Other Efforts

The partnership with SkillOnNet is not the only one that neccton has under its belt. This data science firm has built up quite a reputation for offering some state-of-the-art tools to several companies especially those that are in the gambling sector. One of its other notable partners in the quest to facilitate safer gambling practices is ComeON.

ComeOn is a popular online gambling platform that has recently begun to double down on its efforts to ensure that customers are protected from gambling-related harm. Their solution also involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and academic research.


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