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Single Mom from South Carolina Wins a Life-Changing Jackpot

She kept $1.39 million after taxes and is planning to use some of the money to treat herself

A single mom from South Carolina has won a life-changing jackpot that would finally allow her to treat herself. The woman plans to continue working but said that she plans to splurge a little bit.

The anonymous woman won the $2 million prize after buying a $20 scratch-off ticket at the Krishna of Summerville convenience store. She bought the 200X The Cash ticket while on a trip to the supermarket and was surprised when she checked it and saw how much she won.

In an interview with the South Carolina Education Lottery, the lucky winner said:

I gasped. I thought there is no way this is happening.

South Carolina lottery winner

The woman soon came to terms with the fact that she was now a millionaire. She kept $1.39 million after taxes and is planning to use some of the money to treat herself. The woman admitted that she has never gotten her nails done before and plans to do just that.

However, the lottery winner added that she doesn’t plan to change her routine. Instead, she will continue working and supporting her kids.

For context, the chances to win the biggest prize the South Carolina Education Lottery’s 200X The Cash game has to offer stand at one in 1.46 million.

The List of Jackpot Winners in the US Grows

In other news, two fortunate players from Maryland just celebrated two lottery wins. One of the fortunate occasions happened to an office administrator who won a $112,115 progressive jackpot after trying her luck with a FAST PLAY Casino Royale Slots ticket. The other jackpot in the state went to a man from Silver Spring who won $50,000 after purchasing a scratch-off ticket.

Earlier, an anonymous man from Illinois scooped up a $4.1 million jackpot after beating the 1 in 15,890,700 odds. This was notably among the top three prizes the lottery in the Prairie State has handed this year.

In North Carolina, on the other hand, a woman won a $736,874 jackpot “by accident.” The lucky player was enjoying what she thought was an online game demo when she struck gold. After taxes, she took half a million home.


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