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Singapore: China’s Embassy Encourages Its Nationals to Avoid Gambling

The embassy issued a statement, encouraging Chinese nationals to avoid gambling activities and warned about the dangers of gambling

Currently, China has strict laws when it comes to gambling. Besides official lotteries, activities such as iGaming, betting on sports and land-based casino gambling are prohibited. But considering the millions of Chinese people who want to gamble, illegal gambling is not uncommon in the country. While some people use the services of illegal gambling operators, others prefer to visit countries where gambling is legal. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not violating Chinese laws, a new report reveals.

As announced by Reuters, the Chinese embassy in Singapore issued a statement on Monday, encouraging Chinese nationals to avoid any form of gambling. The statement explained that even though the visitors are in a country where gambling is permitted, by engaging in such activities they violate Chinese laws. In its announcement, the Chinese embassy urged Chinese nationals to adhere to the country’s laws and avoid casinos, betting or other forms of gambling.

Besides adhering to the laws, the embassy warned about the dangers associated with gambling. It wrote that Chinese nationals are at risk of detention, kidnapping or fraud, if they engage in cross-border gambling. Moreover, the embassy said that it supports the Chinese government’s position that opposes all gambling activities and discourages Chinese nationals from engaging in gambling overseas.

Even if overseas casinos are legally opened, cross-border gambling by Chinese citizens is suspected of violating the laws of our country. Cross-border gambling may also bring risks such as fraud, money laundering, kidnapping, detention, trafficking, and smuggling,

wrote the Chinese embassy in Singapore

Gambling Crack Down Continues

The latest warning issued by the Chinese embassy in Singapore echoes other similar announcements. Recently, the Chinese embassies in Sri Lanka as well as South Korea posted similar statements, warning Chinese nationals about the dangers of gambling and encouraging them to avoid such activities. There is a high chance the announcements of the embassies outside of China are a part of the country’s broader strategy against gambling activities.

Elsewhere in the region, a tourist from China is facing charges for an alleged staged kidnapping. The case involves a 33-year-old tourist from China who was visiting Singapore. The person allegedly attempted to defraud a relative in order to recoup gambling losses.

The man allegedly presented himself as a kidnapper by sending a text message to a relative and asking for ransom. It’s not a surprise that the unelaborate scheme was quickly uncovered as the 33-year-old was located by police in his hotel room at the Marina Bay Sands.


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