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Animal Wellness Group Adds Animal & Equine Welfare Specialists to Team  

Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy has unveiled two new hires who will reinforce the group’s efforts on issues impacting animal welfare across America. These include Kevin Chambers who will serve as Oklahoma state director and assistant director of international, and Fred (Freddie) Huston who will become the organization’s director of equine welfare.

Chambers Joins as Oklahoma State Director and Assistant Director of International

Described as a veteran in global and local business, government and animal advocacy, Chambers is also a former US diplomat and global business expert. He has represented the US as a member of the US Foreign Service in a number of countries, including China, Japan, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Romania and Angola.

Chambers’ track record also includes stints as a Chinese translator for the US Army Security Agency and a long tenure as the director of international trade and investment for Oklahoma and Missouri.

Back in 2002, Chambers participated in the efforts to ban cockfighting in Oklahoma. As an avid animal rights advocate, the new appointee was perfect for the two positions. In his new roles, he will continue to ensure that animal welfare laws are maintained or reinforced.

Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy, welcomed Chambers on board, praising him as a “high-impact performer on animal welfare.” The new appointee also addressed his new roles, expressing his excitement about the opportunity to work with the organization.

I’m excited to contribute my efforts not only in my home state of Oklahoma, but across the world, protecting animals by advocating for better standards and laws wherever we can.

Kevin Chambers, Oklahoma state director & assistant director of international, Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy

Hudson Will Stop the Export of Horses for Slaughter

Hudson is an ex-driver/trainer who grew up in the harness racing industry, according to Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy. A student of the Hall of Fame driver/trainer Del Insko, Hudson has written many works on racing.

Hudson is furthermore a supporter of equine welfare and rescue programs. He has lobbied in Washington DC alongside Animal Wellness Action and the Jockey Club on the Horseracing Integrity Safety Act and Save America’s Forgotten Equines Act. Hudson is also the founder and CEO of US Harness Racing Alumni and the host of the weekly Harness Racing Alumni Show.

In his new role, Hudson will play a role in the monitoring of racing-related horse deaths and the implementation of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act. He will ensure that the American tracks are safe and that no banned drugs are being used. Notably, Hudson will also be tasked with preventing US horses from being exported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

Pacelle welcomed Hudson to the team, praising his knowledge of the US racing sector. According to the former, the appointee will have the important task of reminding people that animal welfare should be the “first, second and third priority of those who make a living from them.”

Hudson commented on the matter, saying that he is honored to join the Animal Wellness Action team. The hire vowed to stop the export of horses and work hard on halting other illegal practices.


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