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Tourist from China Faces Charges for Alleged Staged Kidnapping

The tourist allegedly attempted to stage his kidnapping after asking a relative for ransom to recoup gambling losses

People affected by at-risk or problem gambling may engage in different illegal activities, including robberies or scams. However, it is not uncommon that gamblers may attempt to defraud others to gain access to more money. In an interesting case, a Chinese tourist attempted to fake his own kidnapping while allegedly seeking to recoup gambling losses.

The case involves a 33-year-old identified with the initials L.C., who was visiting Singapore. As announced by the South China Morning Post, the 33-year-old allegedly attempted to stage his kidnapping. The person was visiting Singapore and had to return to China earlier this month.

However, the suspect did not return on the planned date and on March 9 contacted a relative, allegedly pretending to be a kidnapper. The Chinese tourist sent a text message to his aunt, pretending that he was a kidnapper and asking for a S$5,550 ($4,200) ransom. Supporting his fake story, the fake kidnapper sent a photo of his travel document, police confirmed.

Instead of paying the ransom, the aunt called the suspect’s father. He then went on to report the kidnapping to the Singaporean Police Force. The unelaborate scheme was easily uncovered after the 33-year-old person was found “safe” at the Marina Bay Sands, police confirmed.

The Charge the Tourist Faces Is Punishable by Fine, Prison

The allegedly staged kidnapping may significantly impact the Chinese tourist. This is because such offenses are usually subject to fines and/or imprisonment of up to 10 years. Currently, the young man faces one charge of attempted cheating. Still, it is important to mention that charges are merely accusations and in order for a penalty to be imposed, a person has to be found guilty and sentenced.

In light of the alleged fake kidnapping attempt, the 33-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted cheating during a court video-link conference. The person is planned to appear in court for a pre-trial conference scheduled for March 25, 2024.

Elsewhere in the region, an initiative sees newlyweds gain access to free lottery tickets. The strange initiative seeks to combat demographic challenges in China such as the declining birth rates and marriages.

The peculiar approach to combating demographic challenges was initiated in China’s northwest city, Xi’an. The city’s local authorities set aside some 700,000 yuan ($97,000) for lottery tickets that are granted to newlyweds through November 30 this year.


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