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Simon Hammon: “We’ve Been Blown Away by the Popularity of Dream Drop Jackpots”

The Dream Drop Jackpot is a concept that has been around for a while, says Relax Gaming CEO Simon Hammon. And yet, innovation has been stagnant and the market has experienced a slowdown. That is until Relax Gaming decided to roll up its sleeves and introduce its own brand of Dream Drop Jackpots. Enjoying excellent feedback from players and operators, Relax’s innovative system has made 500,000 people jackpot winners since it launched with two players hitting the Mega Jackpots worth €997,779.17 and €924,386.51. We speak with Hammon to see how the company managed to break away from the market mold and reshape it in its own image so that players and brands can once again discover the Dream Drop Jackpot concept.

It’s not often we see studios take the plunge and develop a standout product such as the Dream Drop Jackpot, what prompted Relax Gaming to move into this vertical?

I’d like to start off by just saying how thrilled we are that the Dream Drop Jackpot has proven to be a resounding success, bringing it to market was a true labor of love and it’s hugely satisfying to see it resonate with players. 

The global jackpot market has been around for years now, and nothing new has really come around. To be frank, the market had become stale, and most games offered very little in the way of action. Internally, we believed that we had all the knowledge and people power to develop an engaging new jackpot with a fresh approach, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.  

The Dream Drop Jackpot has a high hit frequency which sees it pay out much more often than any other slot jackpot out there. With our unique system, we felt we’d addressed a large gap in the market, offering something truly unique to the player community.  

What exactly differentiates Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Jackpot from other jackpot products on the market right now? 

There are several things that differentiate our Dream Drop Jackpot from other jackpot products on the market. For me, the main differentiator would undoubtedly be the frequency of fallout. The Dream Drop pays out significantly more often than any other global jackpot.  

Since launch day, we’ve had more than 500,000 individual jackpot winners, including over 20 Major and two Mega jackpot wins, which is incredible considering it’s only been live for a few months. It’s certainly helped that every time a player gets into the Dream Drop bonus game on one of our slots, they know they’re guaranteed to win one of the jackpots.  

In addition to win frequency and guaranteed jackpots, players are also drawn to the Dream Drop Jackpot for its clarity, we’ve purposely made this game as transparent as possible, so players know when a Mega or Major jackpot is close to dropping. What’s more, we’ve set a reseed value of 60% on these jackpots and every second time a Mega drops a massive €500,000 is added to the pot, meaning there’s millions on the line! 

We’ve seen the studio add the Dream Drop Jackpot to some of its most iconic slots such as Temple Tumble and Snake Arena, is this the direction we can expect to see you continue in throughout the remainder of 2022? 

Launching the Dream Drop Jackpot with Temple Tumble 2 was always a very conscious decision as we wanted to continue the saga but with a unique twist. With Temple Tumble being one of our top-performing games, it made sense that we upped the ante by combining it with an industry-defining jackpot product. 

Relax has since launched several legacy titles with the Dream Drop jackpot attached. However, this isn’t to say that we’ll only ever be adding the jackpot to existing games. We’ve developed an exciting roadmap filled with unique and exciting titles. Our goal is to ensure that every game adds value to our portfolio, most importantly offering different ways for players to win jackpots. 

We’ve seen two players hit the Mega Jackpot worth €997,779.17 and €924,386.51 respectively, just how big of an occasion will it be for Relax Gaming when the first €1,000,000+ jackpot lands? 

One of the key principles surrounding the Dream Drop Jackpot is its ability to offer Mega Jackpot wins more often than any other jackpot on the market. We’ve seen two of these jackpots drop within two months of launch, which is testament to its high win potential.  

As promised, we’ve boosted the overall jackpot prize with another €500,000, meaning the next jackpot that hits will be worth a staggering €1,200,000. Hopefully, we’re only going to be waiting a matter of weeks before this slot generates its first true €1,000,000 prize winner!  

We can’t wait to see just how many millionaires we make in the coming months and years, and I predict that our product will become the truest millionaire maker in the industry. 

What are your overall thoughts on the journey so far since Dream Drop launched, do you think Relax Gaming has revolutionized the slot gameplay, as you predicted back in March? 

Honestly, we’ve all been blown away by not only the operator feedback, but also the results. Whenever you develop a product, it’s often with sound judgement and rationale, but it seems that coming to life and delivering beyond your wildest expectations is extremely satisfying.  

We set out with one clear goal – to deliver higher payouts at a higher frequency and Dream Drop has delivered that in abundance. Whether Dream Drop has revolutionized slot gameplay is one question, but I do feel we have genuinely revolutionized the jackpot segment. The word on every supplier’s lips now is ‘jackpots’ and I believe that’s in large part down to the success of Dream Drop.  


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