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SGA Takes Action against Two More Operators

Smein Hosting and True Polygon Entertainment received the regulator’s first bans of 2024 after an investigation found the companies targeted Swedish clients without authorization

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gaming Authority (SGA), has taken action against two companies providing games in the country without proper licensing. Such actions represent a severe violation of Sweden’s gambling regulation and led to immediate action. The authority was adamant that the two operators threatened the safety of Swedish players, reaffirming its commitment to a sustainable and people-focused market.

The Offending Websites Operated without Permission

Upon investigating the website under the CSGOBIG (csgobig.com) brand, the SGA revealed that the platform was conducting gambling activities. The company and its affiliates had marketing content in Swedish. Furthermore, the investigation determined that the website lacked adequate measures to prevent Swedish consumers from registering and creating accounts.

The offending website is owned and operated by True Polygon Entertainment Limited, registered in Cyprus. No information was available regarding the current licensing status of True Polygon Entertainment Limited in any jurisdiction. While the company was allowed to comment, the Swedish Gambling Authority has not yet received a reply.

The SGA similarly identified Curaçao-based Smein Hosting NV as the company behind gamdom.eu and gamdom.com. The SGA found that Smein Hosting was providing its services in Sweden, actively marketing to Swedish customers through affiliate partners. Gamdom was one of the operators included in Twitch’s black-list in August, as the streaming platform took a stance against unlicensed operators.

Black Market Operators Remain a Persistent Threat

The SGA emphasized that the Gambling Act applies to games available in Sweden, with specific exceptions. The legislation is rooted in the principle that anyone operating in the Swedish gaming market must have a license and prohibits providing games without the required permission. The SGA noted that the two companies’ disregard for regulations necessitated a swift response.

The Swedish Gaming Authority considers that consumer protection and guaranteeing game safety necessitate immediate compliance with the decision.

SGA statement

The Swedish gambling sector has historically faced significant challenges with black market operators. Although the country can take limited measures to stop such services on its territory, the offending companies often find workarounds to these restrictions. A planned gambling tax raise caused significant industry concerns as regulated operators warned that such measures could make them even less competitive with unregulated entities.

Sweden’s government has repeatedly reiterated its focus on fostering a safe and sustainable market. Despite the SGA’s ongoing efforts, the country faces several worrying trends, as a recent survey revealed that players were unaware of the differences between regulated and black market operators, undermining the regulator’s efforts. Rising problem gambling rates mean that Sweden faces an urgent need to reevaluate its regulatory approach.

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