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Seventh Wave and Casino Guru Team Up for ESG Principles in iGaming Course

The newly launched course features different chapters and delivers insights into ESG within the online gaming sector

The leading company providing unique training and workshops in environmental, social and governance (ESG) for corporate companies, Seventh Wave Corporate Training, announced a new collaboration with the most complex independent online casino source, Casino Guru. The duo’s mutual efforts resulted in the launch of a new course called ESG Principles in iGaming.

The new course, introduced as a part of Casino Guru Academy’s free materials that are aimed at professionals within the iGaming sector, provides unique insights and knowledge within different areas. Overall, the innovative ESG Principles in iGaming course consists of four different chapters. A final chapter which is separate serves as an exam.

The teams at Seventh Wave Corporate Training and Casino Guru played a key role in the development of the new course. Adrian Sladdin, Seventh Wave Corporate Training’s director, as well as Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s sustainable and safer gambling lead, praised the innovative course ESG Principles in iGaming.

The Gambling Industry’s First ESG Course

Commenting on the topic, Sladdin explained that the two organizations hold significant knowledge within the iGaming and ESG verticals. Moreover, he said that it was delightful to collaborate on the new project. According to Sladdin, ESG Principles in iGaming is likely the first such course for the gambling sector.  Finally, he pointed out: “It also leads into our own range of in-person training, which will help people to master the brief.”

With our joint knowledge of ESG and iGaming, it has been fascinating to see how the two areas intersect around safer gambling.

Adrian Sladdin, director at Seventh Wave Corporate Training

The new course is free for enrollment and provides extensive knowledge of the three pillars of ESG. It consists of a short video as well as plenty of written materials that can allow the participants to better understand how ESG and iGaming intercept.

ESG agenda contains answers to many issues the iGaming industry faces. Besides the reduction of gambling harm encompassed in the S of ESG, it offers pathways for drawing gambling to the light of legitimate entertainment with ever-associated risks.

Šimon Vincze, safer gambling lead at Casino Guru

Vincze shared Sladdin’s excitement about the opportunity to collaborate for the new iGaming course. Finally, he explained that the new course delivers extensive information for free, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into ESG within the iGaming sector.


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