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Genius Sports Extends NFL Partnership for Five Seasons

Genius Sports will continue to power next-gen NFL fan experiences through official data and video distribution

The USA’s National Football League (NFL) has agreed to extend its existing agreement with the sports data and tech specialist Genius Sports. As a result, the latter company will continue to serve as the league’s exclusive official data, watch & bet partner.

Under the extended agreement, Genius Sports will continue to power next-gen NFL fan experiences through official data and video distribution. The deal will run through the conclusion of the 2027-28 season.

In addition, Genius Sports will continue to serve as the NFL’s exclusive distributor of real-time, official play-by-play statistics, proprietary Next Gen Stats data and the NFL’s official sports betting data feed. The sports data specialist will supply this data to media brands and sportsbooks all over the world.

Genius Sports currently supplies NFL data to more than 98% of the legalized sports betting companies in the USA. In addition to that, the data specialist drives innovations such as player props, micro-betting, same-game parlays and personalized data-driven advertising content. To top it off, the NFL’s official NGS data feed has been embedded within NFL broadcasts thanks to the real-time augmentation engine of Second Spectrum.

Furthermore, the extended partnership between Genius Sports and the NFL includes the exclusive rights to distribute official NFL Watch & Bet low latency live game video feeds to sportsbooks all over the world. Starting with the 2023-2024 season, Genius Sports will distribute Watch & Bet in the US and Canada, leveraging machine learning and live streaming tech to provide enhanced viewing experiences to sports fans.

Finally, Genius Sports will continue to provide a variety of interactive fan engagement tools to the NFL and some of its member clubs.

Genius Sports Plays a Huge Role in Taking NFL’s Feed to Market

Brent Lawton, the NFL’s VP of business development & strategic investments said that the league’s agreement with Genius Sports “has been an integral part” of taking the league’s official data feeds to market and collaborating with operators on new engagement strategies.

We’re excited to extend our relationship with Genius and look forward to working with them to develop the next generation of NFL fans.

Brent Lawton, VP of business development & strategic investments

Mark Locke, Genius Sports’ chief executive officer, also commented on the agreement, sharing his excitement to extend the NFL partnership for five more seasons.

In just two years, the NFL and Genius Sports have set a new standard for data-driven fan engagement, and we look forward to powering immersive experiences for NFL fans, broadcasters, teams, sportsbooks, brands and more.

Mark Locke, CEO, Genius Sports

Locke promised that Genius Sports will continue protecting the integrity of NFL games, echoing its commitment to shield German soccer from fraud.


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