June 22, 2023 3 min read


Genius Sports to Continue Protecting German Soccer from Fraud

The expanded partnership with the DFB will reinforce the association’s protection against betting fraud

A week after signing a partnership with the VBA, Genius Sports, a company at the heart of the sports data ecosystem, has unveiled an expansion of its integrity cooperation with the German Football Association (DFB). Together, the two parties will protect the integrity of professional soccer and will stand united against the threats of match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

Genius Sports first joined forces with the German Football Association in 2019, when it agreed to provide it with its cutting-edge Bet Monitoring System. The system analyzes global odds movements from more than 7,500 games a year. Thanks to special algorithms, the solution is able to instantly identify potentially suspicious betting activity.

Under the expanded partnership, the DFB will still receive the constant monitoring and analysis Genius Sports offers. In addition to that, the association has now further reinforced its protection against corruption by leveraging Genius Sports’ Intelligence platform, provided in partnership with Clue.

As a result, the soccer body will now be able to spot suspicious patterns faster. The DFB will also enjoy increased visibility of threats to players, match officials and coaches. Thanks to Genius Sports’ global intelligence and transparency tools, the DFB will be able to better manage the risks across professional German soccer.

Finally, Genius Sports’ Intelligence system will provide the DFB with a centralized vault for all integrity reports. This will make investigations smoother while ensuring a fruitful partnership between the two parties.

The Deal Will Help the DFB Secure the Integrity of German Soccer

Eva Immerheiser, integrity officer at the DFB, highlighted the importance of protecting the integrity of soccer from gambling-related corruption and fraud. She said that the current deal is an opportunity to make fraud detection easier.

In the continuation of the cooperation with Genius as well as the intelligence upgrade with Clue, we see the opportunity to detect possible illicit patterns faster and to be able to intervene at an early stage. We look forward to working with Genius on a new level.

Eva Immerheiser, integrity officer, DFB

Simon Martyn, Genius Sports’ director of rights enforcement and integrity, also commented on the matter. He said that his company’s partners require constant vigilance and product enhancements to keep up with the concerning fraud rates. He added that the current deal with the DFB will supply the association with everything it needs to protect German games from betting fraud.

By expanding our cooperation with the DFB, we will provide rich intelligence, analysis and visibility to help protect one of the largest and most prestigious football associations in the world.

Simon Martyn, director of rights enforcement and integrity, Genius Sports

A month ago, Genius Sports also joined forces with the European League of Football, securing exclusive rights to capture, manage and distribute official ELF data.


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