Seven Mile Casino in California Turns Into Crime Scene Following Death

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For the most part, visits to casinos are relatively routine and mundane. There may the occasional big winner or the drunk who gets out of control, but most people go about their business with no distractions. This wasn’t the case at the Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, CA, on Monday, however. A struggle between security personnel and an unidentified man resulted in the man’s death.

Seven Mile Becomes a Crime Scene

The Chula Vista Police Department is investigating the death Monday night of a 46-year-old man who became unconscious during a fight with three security guards at the casino. According to police, the incident took place at 9 PM at the Bay Boulevard casino.

The police said that the man had attacked security personnel two days prior. He was told that he was not welcome at the casino and that he would be arrested if he returned, Chula Vista PD Lt. Dan Peak said in a statement.

That didn’t deter him, though. He returned Monday and was asked to leave. Peak stated that he left, but returned to assault security personnel while trying to reenter the casino. Police said that three security guards attempted to arrest the man, and that the struggle ensued.

Unknown Cause of Death

The man became unconscious and stopped breathing after the fight. Peak stated that paramedics tried to save him, but he died in a hospital. According to the lieutenant, security guards cooperated with investigators who were “working on the circumstances of this case.” As of Tuesday, no arrests had been made.

The San Diego County gambling venue was one of many forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. It later reopened, moving its operations to an outdoor, makeshift gaming floor. The new floor was actually a 5,500-square-foot tent that housed tables six feet apart, Plexiglass partitions separating players and touchless hand sanitizing stations around the tent.

Once the pandemic restrictions were lifted, Seven Mile returned to its normal operating practices. However, Monday’s incident will throw a temporary speedbump in the way. An autopsy will be necessary to determine the man’s cause of death.

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