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Seattle Man Has “Gut Feeling” After Buying Scratch Ticket, Wins $2M

A Seattle resident who had a “positive gut feeling” after buying a scratch Chrome Scratch ticket won a $2 million jackpot

A Seattle lottery player has won a whopping $2 million jackpot prize with a Chrome Scratch ticket, according to Washington’s Lottery news release dated June 27.   

“Positive Gut Feeling” After Ticket Purchase 

The man said he had a “positive gut feeling” after he bought his ticket in WA after straying away from purchasing a ticket on his regular, go-to lottery game, Powerball

The man, who has remained anonymous, explained that he exited his workplace and went to Safeway to make his usual Friday Powerball purchase but ended up buying a $30 Chrome Scratch ticket instead. 

His change of heart, according to lottery officials, brought him a peculiar gut feeling while he was walking out to his vehicle. 

After he optimistically scratched the ticket right in the parking lot, he was stunned to discover that he had won the $2 million jackpot.

“Intuition Proved Correct”

In the same press release, lottery officials explained the Seattle man’s “intuition proved correct” as his scratch ticket ended up being worth the top prize of the game. 

The fortunate winner immediately returned home and broke the big news to his longtime girlfriend, who joined him in his shock and celebratory mood. 

Now, the couple who spent the weekend talking over what they should do with the newfound fortune that was bestowed upon them is getting ready to go on their dream vacation to the Swiss Alps and Copenhagen. 

They also want to invest some of it and save the rest to put a down payment on a home.

Scratch-off tickets sold by Washington’s Lottery cost between $1 and $30. They each feature different prizes that vary in size.

The exact number of prizes available in a certain game is based on the number of tickets that the lottery has printed, tested, distributed, and sold, as well as the number of tickets that have been claimed by winning players.

In 2023, another fortunate player in Seattle’s suburb won a $754.6 million Powerball prize.

Earlier this month, a $600,000 lotto jackpot went to a lucky player in Montgomery County, continuing June’s streak of big jackpot wins in North Carolina, further showing how luck comes to active players. 

Last month, a ticket in South Dakota was just one number short from making history by winning $284 million via the Mega Million lottery game.

Earlier in June, an Illinois player scooped up a mind-blowing $560 million Mega Millions jackpot.

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