July 18, 2022 2 min read


ScoreBreak to Benefit from Genius Sports NCAA Data Sets

Sports tech company ScoreBreak will tap the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) with the help of Genius Sports, which is authorized to collate and sell data to third-party vendors under a recently-negotiation partnership between the company and the governing body.

Genius and ScoreBreak to Help NCAA Teams Excel

ScoreBreak develops a video synchronization engine that will now be deeper integrated with Genius’ official data sets and statistics to provide customers with more insightful content. The idea is to create optimized and data-driven content that can provide professional sports organizations with the opportunity to better read into the performance of individual athletes. This data will prove invaluable as professionals from the world sport, whether scouts headhunting for new prospects or team coaches, seek to improve their game.

This always requires quick and accurate data. ScoreBreak COO Wes Sims though is confident that the video content will be extremely useful to coaches and athletes, and other parties involved in sports on a professional level, enabling athletic programs across the country to get a deeper read of their understanding and work on athlete weaknesses. The program is capable of delivering real-time insights that can guide decision-making as teams try to streamline their game in live games and win.

Genius Sports VP of strategic partnerships Oliver Wells said that the company was committed to not only distributing data but improving the overall level of play in the NCAA. As such, the company can now work with ScoreBreak to help optimize and streamline live games with accurate statistics.

“We’re pleased to be working with ScoreBreak, enhancing coaching decisions before, during, and after games,” Wells said. Genius Sports has been very busy of late, launching the “Switch on Genius” campaign and securing another partnership with Tipsport. The company teamed up with intelligence provider Clue back in June to help tackle match-fixing and corruption.


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