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Genius Sports Launched ‘Switch on Genius’ Campaign for Brands

Sports data, technology and content supplier Genius Sports has launched a new campaign aimed at attracting, engaging and activating sports fans.

Connect Marketing Campaigns with Sports

Switch on Genius, a new campaign seeking to raise awareness of the power behind highly personalized, dynamic and data-driven content in forming strong bonds with sports fans is aimed at a broad spectrum of brands.

Commenting on the announcement, Josh Linforth, managing director of Media & Engagement at Genius Sports, outlined the difficulties brands meet nowadays, unable to “cut through the noise” of the modern-day “highly saturated digital environment” to establish strong connections with their sports audiences.

Traditionally, sports fans are among the most passionate and engaged consumers in the world but the increasingly digital and fragmented landscape is impacting the efficiency of sports sponsorships and making it difficult for brands to capture and retain the attention of their audiences.

“As traditional sponsorship tactics struggle to deliver the same ROI as they did previously, Switch on Genius shines a light on how we help make that connection in a more effective and efficient way,” Linforth continued, outlining how Genius’ unique access to fans coupled with live sports data proposition empowers brands to connect their campaigns to what is going on in the game.

“So, whether it’s a team scoring a touchdown or a game going to overtime, brands can ensure their creative and messaging stay relevant to capture the excitement of live sports,” he concluded.

Media & Engagement Solutions

To help brands connect with sports audiences, Genius Sports’ set of Media & Engagement solutions offers them sports-specific media buying technology, personalized videos and a suite of free-to-play games to empower them to activate sports fans regardless of whether they feature as a sports sponsor or not.

Already in partnership with the likes of Heineken, Jersey Mike’s, Captain Morgan, Dominos, British Airways, and many others, Genius Sports has positioned itself as a trusted partner to major brands across the globe.

Sitting at the nexus of sports, betting and media, Genius Sports features a portfolio of sports-related partners, including sportsbook operators, sports leagues and professional teams.

Just weeks ago, the sports data and content supplier expanded an existing partnership with Czech-based sports betting operator Tipsport to add its PreMatch, Streaming and LiveTrading services to the partnership that was initiated in 2016.

In May, Genius Sports teamed with S.L. Benfica, signing a data and broadcast deal with the soccer team from Portugal’s Primera Liga.

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