June 29, 2022 3 min read


Genius Sports Partners with Clue to Combat Match-Fixing and Corruption

Genius Sports, a sports data and technology company, announced its new partnership with investigation case management and intelligence provider Clue. The two companies will launch a new system to detect match-fixing and corruption, which will help official investigations.

Clue is an investigation case management and intelligence platform with solid experience working for governments, police, and private clients. Their data management software has helped combat issues like human trafficking, organized crime, and environmental threats.

Genius Sports is a leading analytic technology company that works closely with bookmakers, leagues, and media organizations and provides integrity services, data management, and video streaming. Their software enables the capture, management, and distribution of sports data. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The New Solution Promises to Be Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

The two companies are joining forces to help improve investigations of gambling fraud and match manipulation for over 150 leagues, including the NFL, PGA, TOUR, EPL, DFB, and BWF. Organizations worldwide will benefit from the new system, which will increase prevention and detection rates for betting-related corruption. The joint project will give Genius Sports detailed information on a scale ranging from individuals to entire competitions across multiple sports and regions.

The new system will catalog relevant information and use footage from specific events, news, and blog posts, analyze the data and determine whether an event may be subject to corruption. This feat is possible via Clue’s centralized digital vault, which can house and cross-reference all of Genius Sports’ data. The result would hopefully prevent individuals from attempting to manipulate sporting events with criminal intent. Clue’s analysts will also be able to use the platform’s customized reports and dashboards to investigate potential cases of doping or hate crimes.

Both Companies Will Benefit from the Collaboration

Head of Sport at Clue, Phil Suddick, called the new partnership an “unprecedented opportunity to provide protection and intelligence to over 150 sporting leagues and federations.” He added that the two organizations have taken a stand against sporting event manipulation and pooled their resources into developing a proactive platform to reduce the risk of corruption.

Director of Rights Enforcement & Integrity at Genius Sports, Simon Martyn, also expressed his excitement regarding the new project. He noted that the partnership would increase the integrity of Genius’s products and give the company an edge over potential match-fixing attempts. Martyn lauded Clue’s software and called them a global leader in their field, calling the new solution pivotal to his company’s future integrity.

Match-fixing reports have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. A 2021 research by sports technology company Sportradar Integrity Services showed that 655 potential cases occurred just in the first nine months of that year across various sports. It remains to be seen whether the product of Genius and Clue’s collaboration will perform better than existing solutions.

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