February 9, 2022 3 min read

Scientific Games Goes Live with Azerbaijan National Lottery

Scientific Games continues to expand its international clout with the latest developments coming out of Azerbaijan, where the company has launched its large-scale retail and digital sports betting services along with its lottery platform.

Initially, the Azerbaijan National Lottery, Azerlotereya, launched operations in mid-January, including sports betting, and the deal between SG and the lottery was negotiated back in September 2021.

Ten-Year Contract and a Known Partner

A ten-year contract was negotiated between the lottery’s operator and Scientific Games, which operates similar products in other jurisdictions worldwide. As a result, Azerlotereya has provided its players with a range of experiences, including instant and draw games, sports, and an omni-channel lottery gaming system.

Scientific Games is working directly with the operator of Azerlotereya, Demirören Holding, which is the current concessionaire. Most lotteries worldwide choose private operators that are arguably more inclined to achieve higher profitability as they seek to be reelected when their contracts are over.

Commenting on why Demirören has sought out Scientific Games’ services, board member Sinan Oktay argued that the company needed a proven and scalable solution for both retail and online betting operations.

“Our partnership with Scientific Games has had great success in other large markets, and together we are offering a modern experience for bettors that will deliver strong results to the government of Azerbaijan.”

Demirören Holding board member Sinan Oktay

Scientific Games welcomed the opportunity with a similar sentiment. SG CEO for the lottery product, Pat McHugh, thanked Demirören for the company’s confidence in Scientific Games’ products.

McHugh assured that SG has the lottery expertise and technological know-how to serve a multi-channel lottery market. This is just the latest of a string of successful business moves for Scientific Games.

The company’s expertise has proven a highly-desirable asset for many operators worldwide, including the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. SG and Demirören also work in Turkey, allowing 80 million people to access lottery products across 5,000 retailers. Scientific Games has been among the first in other jurisdictions as well.

In 2018, the company helped Delaware launch its state lottery, and Scientific Games continues to build its legacy as a sports betting provider in numerous markets across the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Lotteries a Priority for Many Companies

Lotteries have been a hot topic for many countries around the world. The United Kingdom is currently in the midst of renegotiating the contract for a concessionaire of the National Lottery. In January, a consortium of Serbian companies emerged as the likely operator of Kyrgyzstan’s National Lottery.

Meanwhile, lotteries remain a desirable form of gambling as they usually enjoy a smaller regulatory and legislative pushback and have been operating in places where sports betting and casinos are usually prohibited.  


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