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Consortium of Serbian Companies Could Lead Kyrgyzstan’s National Lottery

Kyrgyzstan could soon have an outside company managing the national lottery. The Center of Public-Private Partnerships in the country (PPP) has named the winners of the contract to run “national lottery activities” under the State Lottery Company. A consortium of countries out of Serbia won the bid.

Kyrgyzstan Continues to Bolster State Lottery

The State Lottery Company was directed to launch a tender last October to find a private partner to revive its offering. It has now selected Elbet and Axel Capital’s bid and forwarded it to the State Lottery Company. Both companies are based in Serbia.

PPP announced last week that Elbet and Axel had met the qualifications to be listed on the ballot paper as the final operators. It explained that they both have extensive international experience in the development, implementation, adaptation, integration, launch and technical support of software for conducting one-time lotteries in many countries of Europe and Asia.

“The tender commission has only determined the winner; now the State Lottery Company has to conclude an agreement with the consortium within the established time frame. Only after that, the consortium of companies will be registered in Kyrgyzstan,” it added.

The project is aimed at developing lottery activities in Kyrgyzstan. The aim is to regularly and significantly replenish the republican budget and to meet the needs of the population to participate in lotteries and strive for lottery winnings.

The tender commission only decided the winner. Now the State Lottery Company must conclude an agreement within the timeframe. The consortium of companies will then be registered in Kyrgyzstan.

Big Win for Elbet and Axel

Elbet will be the contract’s technology partner. The Belgrade-based company was founded in 2002 and is a provider of gambling software and hardware solutions. It offers products for sports betting, gaming and lottery terminals. The company states on its website that it serves 80 client operators around the world, including four state lotteries.”

Axel is a “family-run business primarily operating in Eastern Europe with our headquarters being in Belgrade, Serbia,” according to its CEO’s LinkedIn page. He adds that the company invests in “innovative, high-growth-potential companies, where we provide fresh capital and years of expertise to those businesses. Our investments range from the IT industry to the gaming industry.”

The final approval, based on negotiations between the consortium and State Lottery Company, is expected within three weeks.


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