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SCGO Limited Secures License from the KSA

SCGO is the 24th company to obtain a KOA permit to operate iGaming in the Netherlands

On Friday, June 23, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) announced that it has granted an iGaming license to the gambling operator SCGO Limited. As a result, the company will be able to make a foray into the Netherlands and offer its products to local players.

SCGO Limited was cleared for online launch by the Dutch regulator and, as per the Remote Gambling Act (KOA), will be able to offer games of chance to Dutch players. The license has a validity of five years and provides the operator with access to one of the most lucrative European online gambling markets.

The KSA noted that SCGO is yet to announce the domain name which it will operate in the Netherlands. The authority promised to include it in the Dutch Gaming Guide as soon as it becomes known.

The regulator also noted that SCGO is the 24th company to obtain a KOA permit to run online gambling in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Seeks to Restore Trust in the Industry

Earlier this month, KSA’s chairman, Rene Jensen, spoke about the upcoming changes to gambling regulation in the country. He highlighted the importance of CDBs and said that legal operators will be required to have their data vaults in proper order. Jensen explained that data is crucial to cracking down on gambling-related money laundering.

In addition, Jensen talked about gambling advertisements, reminding operators that they absolutely must follow the Netherlands’ advertising rules, which were recently updated. For reference, starting July 1, untargeted advertising of online gambling products will be prohibited.

Companies that operate both land-based and online brands will be able to continue promoting their traditional casino businesses as usual.

Jensen believes that operators have a duty to help restore confidence in the sector by being more responsible toward their customers and following the rules.

Jensen’s call was in line with the KSA’s overall ambition to create a safe and healthy Dutch iGaming market. Earlier this month, the KSA called for increased powers that would help it combat illegal gambling companies.

Despite the regulator’s outstanding results in cracking down on the black market, there is a lot more to be done. To that end, the KSA needs the ability to create fake IDs so it can access the services of illegal websites and take the necessary action.


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