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SBOTOP’s Deal with Fulham Works, CEO Mummery Said

“Simply put – because it works,” Mummery said when asked why his company opted to sign the agreement

Gambling sponsorships in pro sports are one of the hot topics in the British gaming industry. Fulham FC, a local soccer organization, just penned a sponsorship agreement with the gambling operator SBOTOP, in spite of increased activism against such deals.

Bill Mummery, the chief executive of SBOTOP’s parent company, Celton Manx Limited, shared his thoughts on the agreement in an interview with SBCNews.

The interviewer asked Mummery about the importance of the Premier League to his company. The CEO replied that the league is an “effective vehicle” that will help SBOTOP reach its target audience. Mummery explained that the league’s international popularity will provide his brand with valuable exposure.

The SBC representative proceeded to ask Mummery about his expectations about the team’s upcoming pre-season matches in the Americas and how these games will affect SBOTOP. However, the CEO replied that his company has “no aspirations” toward the US market, which is why it doesn’t consider these games to be as important. Nevertheless, Mummery praised Fulham for the extra exposure it will get.

Simply put, the Deal Works

Addressing the elephant in the room, the interviewer asked Mummery why his company has “bucked the trend” and signed a new front-of-shirt deal while other companies are opting for sleeve sponsorships.

The CEO explained that the current deal works for the moment. He added that SBOTOP and Fulham FC will transition the deal once the new rules on gambling sponsorships become effective. In addition, Mummery pointed out that SBOTOP remains committed to safely promoting gambling, noting that his team has never featured its brand on a Junior Team kit.

Mummery continued that, years ago, his company was one of the first to sponsor a Premier League team. He added that his team is committed to working responsibly together with its sports partners while delivering mutual benefit.

The CEO explained that his company will work hard on fostering healthy relationships with clients to make sure that its players are protected from harm. He added that SBOTOP’s engagement with the EPL is “but one channel to market.”

SBOTOP Doesn’t Fear Change

Mummery explained that he isn’t concerned about the upcoming changes in top-flight sponsorship arrangements.

Like all commercial activities, the landscape will always be subject to change. With challenges come opportunities. I have no doubt that these will be delivered by working together.

Bill Mummery, CEO, Celton Manx Limited

When asked how he feels about the people claiming the continuation of betting sponsorships is “short-sighted,” Mummery said:

Sports betting is a legitimate leisure product enjoyed globally. The level of due diligence carried out in the process of “onboarding” these relationships and the jurisdictions in which these gambling operators are licensed and regulated provides a strong and safe environment for the consumer.

Bill Mummery, CEO, Celton Manx Limited

Mummery emphasized that good regulation implies a change that is based on sound principles, knowledge and experiences. He concluded that the sector will likely continue to evolve.


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