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Rivers Casino Receives Its First Fine Just Months after Opening

The Virginia Lottery fined the venue $275,000 for violations regarding licensing issues, underage patrons, and self-exclusion breaches

Rivers Casino did not elaborate on the violations, pledging to improve its practices and ensure regulatory compliance. The establishment is one of the newest in the state, opening in January with grand fanfare. Such a swift regulatory response should give Rivers Casino a valuable lesson, highlighting the importance of maintaining robust client protection practices.

The Regulator Discovered Several Alleged Breaches

The Virginia Lottery Board agreed to a $275,000 settlement just a few months after the casino opened its doors in February after a thorough investigation regarding several alleged regulatory breaches. These violations concerned “underage and voluntarily excluded individuals, unsanctioned games, and licensing issues. Unwilling to make the details public, the casino agreed to the proposed settlement.

Such a measure likely aims to preserve the venue’s reputation as it still gathers popularity after its January launch. According to the Virginia Lottery, the establishment introduced remedial measures, closely cooperating with the regulator. A casino spokesperson confirmed that the establishment was again fully compliant and had gained valuable insights.

We take these matters very seriously and respect the decision of the Virginia Lottery Board.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth spokesperson

According to the settlement, the regulator would not provide formal information regarding the merit and details of the violations. Rivers Casino’s decision not to dispute the accusations is likely motivated by a desire to keep the matter as low-key as possible. Such negative news could substantially impact the establishment’s reputation, motivating the decision to opt for a settlement.

Rivers Casino Launched with Notable Success

Despite the hefty fine, Rivers Casino’s financials should remain largely unaffected. In Q1, the venue exceeded expectations, reporting a gross gaming revenue of over $24.6 million. As the second legal casino to open in Virginia, it continues to enjoy lasting popularity thanks to its 1,446 slot machines, 57 table games, two dozen poker tables, and an impressive selection of amenities.

The Rivers Casino Portsmouth fine indicates the Lottery Board is serious about enforcing the rules. With its favorable location, relatively large population, and growing economy, Virginia remains an attractive market for casinos and sports betting operators. A proactive and effective regulator is integral to a healthy market, so the Board’s swift action bodes well for the state’s growing gambling industry.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth must work diligently to follow its corrective action plan, ensure future compliance and build a strong reputation for fair and responsible gambling practices. The property’s Q2 financials will provide valuable insight into its prospects, determining whether it managed to capitalize on its initial hype and cultivate a stable player base.

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