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HBO Show “Succession” Given Odds on Future of Waystar Royco

The HBO blockbuster TV series, Succession, may prove an interesting betting market as one of the main characters died in the show and someone has to take over his sprawling empire

No legal betting market would post the odds, but there has been some speculation that Roman Roy played by Kieran Culkin could succeed in the business of his father, Logan. The odds have him at good +250 and the idea to bet on a scripted event is not at all absurd.

DraftKings Offers Hypothetical Betting Odds

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. has already been pushing the idea on gambling regulators in the United States and has pointed to successful shows and formats that have done so. As Brian Cox’s character, Logan is now dead in the show, one of his children would have to succeed him.

VSIN, a betting media and network, has gone so far as to ask DraftKings to provide theoretical odds on who the next person to head Waystar Royco may be.

The death of Logan is also a turning point in the show, as his company has now to be sold to a Swedish tech billionaire with an outlandish personality who loves to take a crack at sensitive topics on social media, and has lived to be called a troll and is generally ruthless in what he sees as his imperative of always being right.

This is why the odds suggest that there is a (+200) chance that Lukas Matsson, the character loosely based on Daniel Ek and Elon Musk, will end up buying the company in the show. However, the passing of Logan may have the kids change their minds as to the future of the company as a whole.

The Roys Fight to Succeed Their Father

There are numerous characters in the show that could theoretically step into their father’s shoes and decide the future of his empire. The absolute favorite is Roman Roy who is given the highest odds amongst his siblings at (+250).

He is followed by Kendall Roy (+300) who has had a troubled past but has recovered from various addictions to get himself back on the straight and narrow. Unlike his brother Roman, however, he is more about appearances than actual work.

Shiv Roy is also given a good (+500) to progress up the pecking order. She is both smart and intelligent, but she has stepped away from the family business and is not as well-versed in it as her brothers Kendall and Roman.

Further down the ladder, there is Connor (+1200) and Tom Wambsgans (+1500) both of whom are unlikely candidates. Connor is the first-born but he has shown no interest in participating in his company’s affairs, whereas Tom is Shiv’s husband, whom she was about to divorce when Logan passed away.

These are just some of the odds for a potential betting market on the show Succession. Although it looks like we are a good way off from actual TV betting, the idea is not entirely outlandish and yes, if pressed, regulated sportsbooks can muster the odds.


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