Regulators in Argentina Ask for Domain Harmonization for Gambling Sites

Gambling regulators in Argentina want the country’s future gambling websites to switch to domains to make it easier for consumers to pick a verified operator.

Regulatory Oversight Extends to Operator’s Domain Names 

Argentina’s gambling regulator wants to bring all gambling operators located in the country into its fold by urging such companies to adopt the native domain extension. The move is designed to help consumers identify companies that are licensed to operate in the country and help protect players from mistakenly registering at unauthorized gambling websites.

Starting tomorrow, all operators will be able to adopt the extension subject to final regulatory approval by the Association of Argentina’s State Lotteries (ALEA), the governing body that oversees the gambling industry and other recreational activities in the country. 

ALEA hopes that state lotteries will have a much more efficient way of addressing illegal gambling in the country and boost consumer awareness of potentially fraudulent or harmful gambling websites that have not bothered to consult with regulators prior to launching a product in the country. 

ALEA will outsource the responsibility for individual approvals in provinces to the local branches, with each province enjoying a relative autonomy in which gambling websites it allows to operate. websites are expected to have better overall customer protection measures that bring stability in a fastly-expanding industry that is still challenged by offshore operators. 

Protecting Consumers Is a Priority 

In an official statement, the regulator explained that it is looking to have a single point of entry to all gambling in the country, allowing it to oversee the industry better. Argentina’s push towards gambling legalization has been tentative. 

The country started with the city of Buenos Aires, which was the first to invite online gambling operations, with officials launching the Casino Buenos Aires gaming platform earlier this year.

Following the example of Buenos Aires, more regions in Argentina are now exploring their options when it comes to legalizing sports and casino gambling. While the launching of gambling in the country has been fairly slow-paced, ALEA is preparing for an influx of newly-regulated names.

Removing ambiguity in consumer choice of a gambling platform could pave the way for an industry that draws players’ regulated and safe choices in the future. The country enjoys growing interest from sports betting, and entertainment companies after Argentina’s Premier League rebranded as Torneo

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