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Real Luck Group Appoints Benn Timbury as Chief Operating Officer

Luckbox’s parent company, Real Luck Group, has strengthened its core by hiring the distinguished Benn Timbury as its new chief operating officer. The new appointee will work to make the company’s plans come to fruition.

Timbury Bring Years of Experience to Real Luck

The strategic acquisition demonstrates how bullish on growing Real Luck Group is. Timbury is a veteran in the gambling industry and an expert in expanding iGaming businesses. Timbury is proficient in all aspects of operations and has worked in the areas of customer acquisition and retention, revenue growth, partnerships, and mergers.

The new chief operating officer is known for founding the iGaming company LiveLotto which he led as chief executive. After that, he joined Lottoland Group, leading the company’s strategy and overseeing its expansion across 15 jurisdictions. Timbury’s savvy has helped Lottoland’s lotteries reach more than 15 million customers across various markets.

Luckbox is Bullish on Expanding Its Business

Timbury commented that he is delighted to join Real Luck Group. According to him, Luckbox is strategically positioned right between esports, gaming, and gambling – thee industries with tremendous growth potentials. Timbury said that he is looking forward to joining Luckbox’s “stellar team” and lauded the company for being so well-versed in mixing iGaming with esports.

“I am looking forward to playing a key role as we strive to scale our user base and revenues throughout the coming months.”

Real Luck Group COO Benn Timbury

Thomas Rosander, the chief executive officer of Real Luck Group, welcomed Timbury to the company. The former praised the experience of the new COO, emphasizing his exemplary track record of success in scaling up iGaming companies.

Rosander said that Timbury’s experience will be an invaluable asset to the company, thanks to the latter’s skill in revenue growth, partnerships, and B2C and B2B strategies. The CEO said that he is looking forward to having Timbury use his knowledge to help the company achieve both its short-term and long-term goals.

Rosander elaborated that Timbury will be of great help with Real Luck Group’s recent mission of implementing casino games next to its sports and esports offerings:

 “After adding casino games to esports and sports on our next-generation wagering platform, we are beginning to scale player acquisition efforts and looking to enter new markets with additional licenses, all of which Benn will play a pivotal role in executing.”

Real Luck Group CEO Thomas Rosander

Luckbox is preparing for a busy year in terms of growth and player acquisition. In January, the company announced that this year it will put a lot of effort into scaling its business up and reaching more fans of betting.


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