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Luckbox Charts a Busy Year of Player-Acquisition and Growth

Shortly after Rivalry posted its outlook for 2022 and recapped most of what had been achieved in 2021, Lockbox joined with an investor update of its own. Both companies are a rare breed of esports-first betting agencies that gradually branched out to include other aspects of the iGaming experience, such as casino gaming and sports.

Financial Resilience and Player Acquisition

In a blog post, Real Luck Group* CEO Thomas Rosander outlined what the future of the company may look like in 2022 and how the esports betting agency fared in 2021. Rosander quickly drew attention to the successful launch of the online casino platform, which will reinforce its efforts to continue growing its customer base.

The launch will assist with both cultivating new audiences as well as ensuring the sustained financial growth of the company, Rosander explained:

“The target is now to increase our player base and revenues. We benefited from very robust market sector tailwinds earlier in 2021 and raised $17.8m in a private placement in March, the vast majority of which we have conserved, with the intent of deploying towards player marketing/revenue growth.”

Real Luck Group CEO Thomas Rosander

While Rosander acknowledged that the company had followed a conservative financial strategy, he believes that the company is now in a good position to make the most out of it in 2022.

New Investors Welcome in 2022

While Luckbox had to deal with the continued downward pressure of its share value throughout the second half of 2021, the company has been able to adjust its platform to account for these financial challenges.

According to the chief executive, the stock is trading closer to the company’s cash value, meaning that Luckbox is already showing signs of recovery, reflecting its broader ambitions for 2022. The year will be one marked by a growth phase and Rosander and Luckbox intend to keep investors apprised of developments throughout 2022 as they transpire.

The year will be marked by the further courtship of new investors as well as reinforced player-acquisition efforts. Capital will be a huge part of the strategy, and it will possibly fuel Luckbox’s further growth.

*Real Luck Group is the parent company for Luckbox.


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