Playmaker Expands Media Reach in Brazil by Acquiring Futmarketing

In preparation for the much-anticipated launch of online sports betting in Brazil in 2022, digital sports media company Playmaker has decided to expand its reach in the region by acquiring Futmarketing.

Futmarketing is one of the most reliable sports editorial consultants across Latin America, as well as Brazil’s leading digital media and marketing group for the past five years. Futbol Sites is Playmaker’s powerful subsidiary that will be responsible for managing Futmarketing’s daily operations. In exchange, Futmarketing is expected to heavily bolster Playmaker’s competitive edge in the country.

Futmarketing Delivers Top-Notch Editorials & Social Media Management

Playmaker is a reputable online sports media company with a focus on sports, technology, wagering, and media. The company has recently announced its bold plans to expand its already successful media conglomerate by acquiring 100% of Brazilian group Futmarketing in exchange for $4.1 million.

Playmaker aims to engage huge audiences made of passionate sports fans and grow gaming fandoms by using top sports media assets. To achieve this, their talented team needs to bring together essential parts of the sports ecosystem, while offering fans uniquely innovative experiences.

Currently working on creating an unparalleled selection of premier sports media brands, Playmaker promotes the monetization and mobilization of entire fan communities. The company’s sports media brands are all curated to supply highly engaged audiences to companies that handle sports betting, sports teams, and advertisers.

Playmaker also plans on boosting its incremental reach and strengthening its leading position in the region even more with the help of Futmarketing. Playmaker ultimately plans on becoming the digital sports media group with the largest audience in all of Latin America. Adding Futmarketing to the team is a powerful indicator of their plans.

As a leading digital sports media company for over five years, Futmarketing has managed to set up an impressive portfolio consisting of top social media channels and a web property called Antenados no Futebol.

The group has also contributed to the creation of the Futbol Sites brand called Bolavip. Futbol Sites is the first-hand soccer analysis and news source for Brazilians. The group is expected to improve Playmaker’s competitive edge in the country. This is essential for its growth in the online sports betting field that is getting closer to going live sometime this year.

Futmarketing now operates over 20 Facebook groups, 80+ Facebook fan pages, and 16 Instagram accounts, along with a Twitter account. Together, they gather over 31 million followers. The company is also affiliated with 210 social media accounts. Together, these accounts reach another 32 million followers for a grand total of over 63 million followers.

Both Companies Are Eager To Work Together

Futbol Sites’ CEO Federico Grinberg expressed the company’s delight in welcoming Futmarketing’s  “outstanding team”. He added that Futmarketing will deliver the highest standards when it comes to the production of editorials and social media engagement while supplying Playmaker with the incremental reach needed to strengthen its leading role in the world of digital sports media in Latin America.

Futmarketing’s CEO Ibson Junior also expressed the group’s happiness in regards to the acquisition, saying “there is no better place” for them to be at the moment. Junior added: “We believe in Playmaker, its goals and its purpose, and our team will continue to elevate the Playmaker and Futbol Sites brand platforms to maximize audience reach.”

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